Who is Villanite?

Well, hello there! My name is Villanite, but you can call me whatever you’d like: Vill, Villanite, Sire, Daddy, Master. You know, the usual.

I am a Space Pirate! Now, the term may come with some kind of negative connotation, and you might think that I’m just sitting here proudly claiming that I plunder and rape. But I do more than just that! I mean… sure… my interests generally involve women or feminine creatures in general in some way… but outside of that, I like telling stories, adventuring in new worlds, listening to music, creating things, and ecchi anime of all kinds!

I live in my spaceship, the Goldlight, a small but cozy hunk of junk that I was able to afford after blowing all my credits on my badass space suit. It’s an old ship, and definitely not particularly amazing, but it’s home! For now, at least. I hope maybe someday I’ll have an actual Death Star of my own. Ah… that’ll be the day… but I digress. Have you seen my space suit?!

This thing is badass. It’s custom-made and fitted just for me by this awesome person: @MarchenVonFried. But don’t be asking them to make you a suit! I’m planning to keep them super busy with upgrades to mine! Surprisingly, it breathes really well, too. It almost feels like I’m not wearing anything at all sometimes! That being said, sometimes I’m actually just not wearing anything anyway. Nudity is so much more comfortable than wearing clothes, don’t you think?

Anyway, this website’s content is maintained by a good friend of mine who goes by the name of Writer. We’ve known each other since the Earth Year 1999, so we go back really far. He’s a bit of a nerd, but we get along fairly well. Ever meet that one person who just always gets you? Yeah, that’s him. Crazy how he always knows what I’m thinking.

Sometimes, Writer likes to use this website to share his own thoughts and feelings about life and his struggles with mental health. He does it for therapeutic reasons so it’s less about getting reads and more about getting it written out. If you’re interested in reading that, you can look at the Writer’s Blog section of the site. Though, if you’re looking to read other more exciting and interesting things, you should check out the Ship’s Log! There’s where Writer converts my adventures and accomplishments recorded on my ship into posts that Eartherners can read.

Outside of my adventuring, I do have my own personal goals, too! I have this fun passion for uncovering, exposing, and nurturing the darker habits of those around me. Nothing fills me with more joy than the breath of relief a person lets out the first time they’re able to do something they’ve always wanted but have always been too ashamed to do.

Before that, however, first and foremost, I want a harem. No, that isn’t some kind of joke. Ask any friend (and the various female partners) I have, they’ll tell you the same: My desire for a harem is both my most charming and most toxic trait. Maybe my ego is more toxic… but…

Nah! My ego’s just charming, too.

Beyond my eventual harem, I will be using this quaint little website and all other internet platforms to fulfill all my other interests listed above, so join me as we share glorious (sometimes erotic) tales of distant lands, explore new and mysterious places with friends, lose ourselves in the music around us, and create our very own pirate crew!

Where to Find Villanite

Any time you look into the sky and see a gold star, you’re probably seeing my ship, actually. However, it’s probably also Venus you’re seeing. So, instead of staring at a dot in the sky and just trying to guess if it’s me or another planet, why don’t you find me on one of the sites below?


I love streaming video games and making videos where I rant about stuff or teach people. I don’t really have a set format or schedule–pirates don’t do well with schedules–but if you want to hang out with me or just watch something I made, you can find me on YouTube!


Honestly, as a pirate, it’s sometimes hard for me to make friends. Truth be told, Writer’s kind of a strange guy for befriending me. Regardless, because I don’t have too many people to speak to on a regular basis, Writer convinced me to make a Twitter account. That’s where my random stream of consciousness likes to flow from time to time… it’s also where I find a bunch of porn… so you know, it’s all good. If you want to be entertained by my nonsense throughout the day, follow me on Twitter!


You might think that I’m constantly showing off pictures of my ship, my suit, or even just booty pics of the girls I meet. Heck, you might even think that I’d use that platform to share all kinds of awesome views of the crazy planets I visit, but… no. Not at all. Anime waifus and fitness models, basically a finely crafted spank-bank with some funny memes thrown in there from time to time. So if you can contribute to that, or just want to see what I eat, follow me on Instagram!


A long time ago, Writer told me that he was interested in programming. This was back when I was helping him out on his MySpace page. Ever since then, he’s been pretty interested in it, so I still teach him stuff from time to time. Because of that, my passion for programming sometimes gets rekindled and I’ll write something or other; any time that happens, I’ll put it on here, so follow me on GitHub to see what I come up with!


It should come as no surprise that a pirate is a kinky person. And holy hell, am I kinky. If you can imagine it, I’ve probably tried it in some way, shape, or form. Which is kind of funny, because you’d think I’d be bored of it all by now, but no. Sex is a part of who I am! And as long as I’m not hurting anyone who doesn’t want to be hurt, I’m not doing anything wrong, right? Anywho, if you’re interested in sex and want to know what makes me tick, check out my F-List.