After years of working on the lore of the Universe of Aegra, I have decided to release some of my preliminary/draft writing out publicly. Of course, I would love to make money writing someday, but I think my true end goal is for people to read and enjoy my writing. Because of this goal, this site was created. So, if you like my writing, please show me some support by sharing my content and adding comments to it. Let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcomed, too, as long as it’s constructive.

Again, keep in mind that all of the work posted here pertaining to my stories is preliminary work and mostly draft work. Any characters, relationships, locations, and even themes are subject to change if/when I finally do finish a book.

If you’re willing, I would also greatly appreciate your support on Patreon!

Other Writing

Because I’m a procrastinator and a nerd, I also do a lot of Role-Play and writing in other projects unrelated to my own universe. If you’re interested in role-play, please feel free to let me know to see if we can write together!

Aside from role-playing, I’ve also decided to take on writing reviews for anime I watch since I seem to think that my opinion matters, so please feel free to give those a read and comment with your own thoughts!

Finally, I also use this website as my own therapeutic outlet via writing, so feel free to read my personal rantings about my struggles with depression and mental illness, as well.