What To Expect

Hey, everyone! Writer here. Just wanted to make this page to make sure that people understand what to expect when interacting or following Villanite. This page should be considered a living document as it may change as time goes by, either by content being added, removed, or changed based on Villanite’s relationship and exposure to the mass public.

Please note that if you have no problems with Villanite, himself, and would prefer not to have the immersion broken any further, I’d actually recommend you stop reading now and just continue to support him in your own way.

Writer is not Villanite

Firstly, Aries Villanite is a fictional character. He is dark-skinned, golden-eyed, seven feet tall, and an intergalactic, interdimensional space pirate. He is not a reflection nor representation of any real person. He is meant to be a villain through and through and intentionally meant to stir feelings of uncertainty, concern, and disdain through his actions, habits, and severe lack of morality or decency.

If you cannot dissociate the fictional state of a character from your perception of myself or those who support me, I highly recommend you block Villanite on all social media platforms that you find him on. Above all else, in my content creation, my concern is your comfort, and if your comfort requires that you not follow or support Villanite, not only will I not hold that against you, but I encourage you avoid Villanite entirely.

Always in Character

Unless you and I have a pre-existing relationship, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll ever be speaking to me directly. Everywhere on the internet, I will be doing my best to stay in character as Villanite. As stated above, please do not take this as a reflection of myself or who I am, rather a “branded experience” of who Villanite is. This is done in part to protect the immersion of Villanite’s fans as well as protect myself via some sort of anonymity and a layer of separation between myself and the big bad internet.

Obviously, I’m not unable to switch the filter off when needed. If you want to reach out to me about writing lore together, or simply to talk to me directly about something, please specify that in your DM to me (wherever it may be) and I will obviously draw that line between myself and Villanite to make sure you’re talking to me, not him. Otherwise, if you want to slide into Villanite’s DM’s for fun, go for it.

Collaborative Writing

I love writing. It’s my one true passion. Creating worlds and universes for people to explore in their minds is an extremely fulfilling feeling for me. More than that, however, is creating characters and situations that make people feel real emotions. More than just writing, though, I’ve learned that I love writing with other people. I love taking ideas from others and adding my own, and together creating something unique with bits and pieces of both of us scattered throughout.

As such, I’m always looking for collaborative writing projects, whether it’s done via Role-Play, or simply through a plotting process via DM’s, collaborative story telling is an absolute joy of mine. Most stories you’ll find in the Ship’s Logs on this site will actually be collaborative projects, and you’ll be able to see who I wrote them with at the bottom of the story. If the story, however, is totally of my own creation, I’ll most likely just leave that credit section out completely.

Taboo Content

A lot–but not all–of the content that I write here is done in pursuit of understanding and shedding light on the traumatic things that people go through. By putting Villanite in the role of the antagonist, it allows me (and in some cases, my writing partner) to safely be in control of a potentially traumatic situation that one or more of us may have experienced at some point in life.

You will find themes in my writing related to traumatic and dark themes. I will do my best to include appropriate trigger warnings at the top of each story and if I miss something, I apologize and would greatly appreciate it if you reached out so that I can correct the mistake as quickly as possible.

I am a huge proponent of mental health awareness and a big supporter of open communication on all topics. I strongly feel that every time we treat something as “Taboo” or “Wrong” all we are accomplishing by doing this is making the victims of these situations feel like they are now officially part of that very same label. In my years, I have met many people who have were molested as children and only explore the topic through role-playing because they have been made to believe that the situation they were put into was somehow their fault or just something they shouldn’t talk about openly.

Can you imagine going through such a life changing, painful situation and being told that you’re not allowed to talk about it or process it in your own way because it’s disgusting, wrong, inappropriate, or just makes others uncomfortable? Knowing that if you told someone about the pain you’re in, or that you want to process it in a healthy, non-harmful way, you’d immediately lose friends and be told that you’re messed up in the head is an extremely painful thing to live with. Imagine being led to believe that you shouldn’t exist because of something that happened to you.

All that leads to is bottling up these emotions and keeping them internalized, eventually leading to letting them build and build until they burst out in an unhealthy way. Anyone who refuses to believe that a victim’s trauma can lead to repetition of that trauma towards another victim is in total denial. So why wouldn’t we give these victims a safe, accepting, and understanding environment to explore these traumas without creating more victims?

If I have to be seen as the ‘bad guy’ to help the people who have suffered and give them a safe place to be and understand themselves, I will gladly take on that title.

In closing, if you truly can’t find a way to agree with my approach and would rather avoid me entirely, I understand completely. However, if you would like to contribute to this community built around acceptance, understanding, and comfort, please check out the Order of the Nesur. We would love to have you.