As mentioned on the home page, I love telling stories! Ever since my human gave me life, I’ve found myself in all kinds of adventures and even proudly stood by him as he began creating more and more friends for me in his mind. Enemies, too… he has a thing for tragedy. And what’s up with him always making father figures the bad guys? I think my human has daddy issues.

Anyway! Below is a list of the stories that my human has created and given me a chance to share with you. Please note, however, that some of these stories pertain not only to the universe that exists in my human’s mind, but also other universes, and that these are all draft versions of his writing with minimal editing or proofreading, so if you can get past that and still enjoy the story (even if it has spoilers for something) then please take a peek!

Please note that all of the stories below are works of fiction.

Original Work

Fan Fiction