The Sleepover

A short story of a fun event quite likely spurred on by the wicked encouragement of Villanite himself. Three lovely friends decide to express how much appreciation and adoration they all have for one another.

Angel’s Sanctuary: Umbra & Fyre

A short scene found in Villanite’s ship logs. It’s unknown exactly where this club he was at is located, but it seems he likes to go there. A lot. There are a number of recordings of his times there, but this one stood out in particular as it was the first time he met a couple of women who he regularly still goes back to see.

Kaito’s Secret

When Kaito hired a certain Space Pirate to hunt bounties on his behalf, he never expected this kind of villain to be the man he paid. The man makes Kaito uncomfortable and unsettled, but he could never put his finger on why… until this day. Villanite made it very clear what kind of man he truly was, and how grave Kaito’s mistake was.

The Origin Story

A first person account of Villanite’s origins. This was a recorded conversation between Writer and Villanite during a voice call. Unfortunately, it ends abruptly when Villanite gets too far out of range for the voice call to stay connected.