Crimson Helmets: Chapter 5

Here he was once more, this strange world of destruction, chaos, and eerie calmness with the sound of death in the air. Just as the last time, as Vieru turned about in this world, he once more saw Ladia, clad in white robes holding nothing more than an orb of raw, Solar Energy. Her eyes […]

Crimson Helmets: Chapter 4

The Reef: The last place the light touches. “You know… hunting Wolves only gets us so much credit with the Awoken here. What makes you think they’re willing to give you information about a possibly defective Titan?” Apollo’s mechanical voice came through, breaking Vieru’s thoughts as they exited the warp space. The Titan sighed, glancing […]

Crimson Helmets: Chapter 3

“You are the heir to the Crimson Helmets…” It was still ringing in in his head, floating about like a whisper of guilt. Was it guilt? It was definitely on his mind, but why was he feeling bad for ignoring it? As if he was letting someone down; as if he was letting himself down. […]

Crimson Helmets: Chapter 2

Rubble, rust, dust. Rome was a wasteland. Even the Mothyards of the Cosmodrome looked less depressing than this place. What could be here? Why were Vieru’s dreams driving him to this place? An even bigger question: who else was here? “The distress signal is coming from up ahead. I’m not reading any Fallen in the […]

Crimson Helmets: Chapter 1

Was it simply curiosity, or did it truly become an obsession? Vieru could not distance himself from the past he saw in his dreams. He saw it every time he slept. Smoke, rubble, blood, destruction. The sounds came next. Fire, explosions, screams, death. “Vieru.” A voice called out. Calm, calculated, concerned; it sounded out of […]