The Sleepover

Characters Featured: @BumbleeButt, @BBerriee, @QynShiva, @Villanite

Left to Right: Berrie, Qyn, Laurenne – Art By: @QynShiva, @BBerriee

Berrie, Qyn, and Laurenne: The three women were mutual friends of each other and had been wanting to spend time together for quite some time.

As would be expected, Qyn was the one to host the party. Being a demon from hell, she had long established a source of funds for her expensive and questionable habits. One might think that Laurenne and Berrie would be concerned about spending time with a demon, especially considering she was fully open about the fact that she came from hell. Whether it was because Laurenne and Berrie assumed she was joking, or they simply knew that she was telling the truth and didn’t care was up for debate.

The ladies had been playing video games the majority of the night, playing a drinking game of their own creation. It really didn’t take long for the girls to get themselves rather drunk considering the rules they set for themselves.

The girls were so excited to play their games, that they didn’t even bother getting into comfortable clothing. Laurenne was still wearing her favorite minidress, though she did remove her shoes, leaving her in just her white stockings to cover her legs. Berrie had on her regular purple sailor uniform alongside her favorite thigh-high boots over her fishnet stockings. Qyn had on a comfortable enough pair of black jeans and one of her favorite sportsbras. Being home, she saw no reason not to relax in her socks.

“Oh, fuck off!” Qyn let out as Berrie and Laurenne burst out laughing. “Laugh it up! Watch, just watch!”

Laurenne peered down at her phone, grinning from ear to ear as she licked her lips. That was when her controller vibrated and her eyes shot up while Qyn let out a loud laugh.

“Hah! Take that! Pay attention, Bee!” The demon teased.

“She’s sexting that alien dude~!” Berrie cooed with a grin.

Laurenne swatted out at her friend. “Oh my god, shut up, bitch!”

Qyn spoke in a sultry tone, “Oh? What are you gonna do about it?”

Laurenne glared back. “Bitch, I’ll kiss you.”

Qyn grinned, red-orange eyes slowly getting covered by her lowering lids. “Prove it.”

The mixed blonde put her phone down as she spoke through a chuckle, “Qyn, don’t play with me. I’m drunk, horny, and my new friend is away on business.”

The redhead chuckled and perked an eyebrow. “You actually stick to one friend at a time?”

“Nope, she just got a damn good dicking, apparently.” Berrie sold out her friend as grinned wide, now also distracted by her friends.

Lauren laughed, dropping her head in defeat before whining out, “It was so good, though, Qyn! You don’t understand!”

Qyn chuckled once more, shaking her head. “I don’t even know why you’re interested in me, then.”

Lauren’s head snapped up and she practically pounced onto Qyn’s lap as she offered her friend a beautifully charming smile. “No, baby! I love you so much!” As she laid down her head down onto Qyn’s lap, she froze for a moment, blinking slightly at Berrie, who was looking back with a confused look of her own.

“Qyn…” The bee slowly turned to look to the demon as she pressed her hand onto the redhead’s lap. “What’s this?”

“A dick, Bee.” Qyn responded, almost too casually.

“What?!” Berrie exclaimed.

“Can I see it!?” Laurenne asked with excitement.

Qyn stared down at Laurenne, then glanced over to Berrie, who was staring back with a clear curiosity written in her gaze. The redhead sighed lightly before rolling her eyes slightly, standing up and undoing her pants. Slowly, she’d slide them off to reveal that she wore no underwear. A stiff, thick, gifted member soon stood from between Qyn’s legs with a nearly trimmed stripe of red hair above the base.

Laurenne, on her knees, stared up at the thickness above her, taking in the view of that intimidating unit’s size combined with the beautiful sight of Qyn’s abs leading up to her perky chest. The bee could do nothing but bite her lip as her crystal blue eyes shimmered.

That was when Berrie slid one of her arms around Qyn’s waist, taking a spot behind her as she gripped that length and pushed it down to press against Laurenne’s face, who almost instinctively pushed her tongue out and dragged it along the underside of that length before finding the head and wrapping her lips around it with a lustful chuckle.

Meanwhile, Qyn’s head tilted back as her hand moved out to warmly bury her fingers into Laurenne’s hair. She let out a deep, heated sigh as she tilted her head to the side, feeling Berrie’s lips and teeth kissing and grazing the flesh of her neck. Alongside the lovely scents of the other women and the feeling of Laurenne’s attentive tongue, she couldn’t hold back the throbbing and twitching of that length as blood rushed to it further.

A wet popping sound was heard as the thick head was released from Laurenne’s mouth. She grinned, almost shuddering as she slid her pretty face down the underside of Qyn’s dick before speaking through a chuckle of her own, “Yeah, this is gonna work.” The tan girl backed away slightly and sat back, lifting her knees and spreading her legs to reveal the white thong under her dress skit. She reached down, biting her lip as she pushed the white fabric aside to expose the moisture that coated her smooth lower lips. “Take me.”

Qyn wasted no time in kneeling down and gripping her friend’s hips, pulling the blue-eyed girl closer as she pressed her thick head against the slick lips before her. One rough stroke of the slick, rounded head along those smooth lips before she pushed herself into that tiny entrance; Qyn’s pushing only spurred on by the excited moans that Laurenne let out.

“Fuck, that’s hot…” Berrie muttered under her breath as she watched her friends become one, locking eyes with Laurenne who was reaching out to her. “What, Bee?”

“I want to taste you.” Laurenne moaned out, her blue eyes hungrily staring into the multi-colored optics of Berrie. “Come here.” She demanded.

Berrie couldn’t restrain the giggle as her face flushed further. “Okay, okay.” She slightly lifted her skirt to show her dark purple panties as she got down on her knees over Laurenne’s face. She almost immediately gasped and let out a breathy chuckle as she felt Laurenne’s soft hands on her behind and her friend’s warm breath against her panties.

As Laurenne navigated through the fishnet and panties to find what her mouth in search of, she found herself moaning and panting as Qyn’s thickness pushed into her body again and again, feeling it deeper and deeper every time it pushed inside of her. Finally, let out a shuddering moan as her tongue plunged into Berrie’s womanhood, tasting the sweet juices of her beloved friend.

Berrie leaned forward wrapping her arms around Qyn’s hips as she groaned out and bucked her hips at the feeling of Laurenne’s expert tongue. Qyn responded by removing her own top and bringing Berrie’s face to her chest, urging the green-and-pink-haired woman busy her mouth with the demon’s stiffened nipples.

As Qyn basked in the feeling of Berrie’s oral affections and the woman’s hand on her free breast, she could feel her cock being squeezed as she reached the deepest parts of Laurenne’s core.

As the three women lost themselves into their lust and passion, finally Laurenne tossed her head back and let out a long cry of pleasure as she felt her own body grip Qyn inside of her, as if her body was refusing to let the demon’s cock out of her.

That sudden tightness pushed the demon over the edge, unable to hold herself back from slamming into Laurenne and releasing a thick, seemingly unending load into the warm depths of the petite bee. That view was all Berrie needed to find her own partial climax, her hips twitching as she shuddered against Qyn’s neck, stuttering a moaned, “Me next, Qyn… Now… I need it.”

Taking advantage of the fact that Laurenne was laying in a blissful daze as white honey oozed out of her, Qyn moved behind Berrie to grip her hips and plunge herself into the purple-clad beauty’s womanhood. Thrust after thrust, she pushed herself deeper into the other woman as they both moaned out from the sensitivity of such intensity despite just climaxing.

Quietly, Laurenne stared up to watch her lovely friends fuck one another literally only centimeters away from her face, their combined juices trailing down Berrie’s thighs as Laurenne reached out for her cell phone which had been placed down nearby. She continued watching excitedly as one hand held her phone and the other toyed with her own cum-filled flower.

Qyn pumped herself into Berrie, even rougher than she was with Laurenne, pulling the woman’s hips back into her as she slammed her own hips forward with every thrust. She let out a long moan as she burried herself deep into Berrie with one powerful thrust. Laurenne’s mouth watered as she watched Qyn empty another full load into Berrie’s waiting womb.

Berrie’s body shuddered and her hips buckled as her body almost naturally pushed itself back onto that length inside of her, letting out an almost strained cry of pleasure as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. As her own climax ended, her lids fell just as she did, collapsing on top of Laurenne and letting her filled womanhood leak out all over Laurenne’s beautiful breasts, now exposed by the top of her dress having been pulled earlier by the bee.

Laurenne reached out with her free hand and grabbed the base of Qyn’s cock. Quickly, she used her phone to take a selfie of herself, pretty face half obstructed by Qyn’s cock while her exposed chest, covered in sweat and seed, framed beautifully in the shot. The look on her face showed how very deeply proud of herself she was, those blue gemstone eyes glistening with absolute joy.

Shortly after the picture was taken, Laurenne felt Qyn’s thickness shrink in her hand. She furrowed her brows, looking up at Qyn who chuckled her response, “It’s a spell. It’s wearing off. I don’t always have a dick.”

Laurenne grinned, noticing that the member was just barely small enough now. “Well, before it wears off completely, use my throat, babe.”

The rest of the night led to all three women in a cuddle puddle, nude and glistening in sweat with their hair matted down.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the universe, a particular dark-skinned pirate sat idly in his ship. The ambient golden lights of his cockpit vaguely illuminated him before the Indian-accented voice of his ship’s virtual assistant spoke out, “Master, you have a new message from Bee.”

The pirate’s golden eyes opened, those round pupils taking a moment before they narrowed into slits. He scratched his bare abs, growling quietly in his response, “Open the message.”

On his main monitor, an image opened and after his eyes adjusted, the wicked man’s spiked teeth flashed in what could only be described as a dark, twistedly fatherly grin of pride. He then leaned back and sighed out happily. “Aura. Respond to the message: Good girl, I’ll make sure to come see you next time I’m in your area, Princess.”