Angel’s Sanctuary: Umbra & Fyre

It was a normal night at the Angel’s Sanctuary. Not too busy, not too slow. Customers came and went without much show. This club was not particularly popular, but it was well known within certain circles. Angel’s was the classier, more relaxed establishment among its peers; what drove Villanite to this place was the art.

The Sanctuary was known for being a home for the most beautiful erotic art in the area. Every so often, there was a new exhibit, new art to observe and to purchase. Villanite visited this place primarily for the art, but he often stayed for the shows. At least, that was what he told people. In truth, Villanite had nowhere to put the art he purchased here, so he often just bought things just to put them into storage.

Two women caught his golden eyes tonight. The first was a surge of warmth. When Fyre was on stage, all eyes were on her. She could stop the hustle and bustle of the building in an instant.

Two large hand fans hid her away as the music began and the lights dimmed just slightly. The feathered fans shivered and shook with the rhythm while glimpses of her scantily clad figure were shown. Slim, lithe, and yet she carried curves that would steal breaths with little effort. Her bright red hair drew the attention as her coquette smile gripped the hearts of anyone brave enough to lock eyes with her.

She wore a black halter dress that clung tightly to her body. Her back was fully exposed, revealing a trail of black, seemingly brush-stroked ancient characters along her spine; symbols of a language long forgotten. The neckline of the dress reached low along her beautifully shaped bossom, the v-shape of the outfit stopping in alignment with the bottom of her ribcage. The bottom of the dress ended just before her mid-thighs, giving slight peeks at her silky red thong with every step she took.

The music was slow, but the bass shook everyone to the core. Sensual, unobtainable, and yet that smile she carried made one hope that she may look in their direction.

Villanite was already sitting. He hadn’t even noticed the hookah set down on his table; those metallic, golden eyes of his were too focused preemptively undressing the muse on stage before she would oblige the fantasy. Fyre had seen this man before and this time was no different. The way he looked at her excited her and made her uneasy all at once. She couldn’t tell if this man’s cold, intense stare meant he was interested in touching her or devouring her.

Regardless of the shiver her survival instinct forced upon her, however, Fyre was a professional. The fans were placed down before the limber woman began to shed her dress. Smooth, pale pink flesh was exposed as her tiny red thong accented the curvature of her perky rear. The arch of her back made Villanite’s mouth water, the soft musculature of her shoulders caught his breath.

Soon enough Fyre was sitting upon the ground, legs spread, wearing nothing but her thong and matching heels while her hands explored her own body before the audience. That was when the music shifted. The melody darkened as the lighting did, all to accommodate the stunning porcelain skin of the next woman to appear on stage. Dark hair, dark eyes, white flesh decorated by seemingly hand-placed, serpent-like, smooth black scales. 

With every shift of her body her gorgeous scales shimmered. Umbra’s scales were patterned practically artistically along her shoulders, spine, thighs, hips, and ribs. Her scales, slitted eyes, and that thin tail that teasingly curled and shifted behind her with every step, opposing the sway of her gifted hips, made it all too clear that she was a member of one of the rarest races in the area. To most who had never encountered one of her people, Umbra must have seemed like a true succubus. 

She carried an air of seductive darkness about her, her smile made men want to offer themselves to her. When Umbra was on stage, there was no doubt that she was in charge of the room. This was her temple, and the audience was her devout congregation.

A tiny black skirt struggled to keep her hips and behind hidden, already riding up to tease glimpses at that black thong underneath. A matching, tight tube top kept her modest chest hidden away as her body moved beckoningly to the rhythm of the sensual music. Slowly, she would run her sharp, black nails along her own body before peeling away that top to reveal her beautifully shaded nipples, accented by metal piercings that held a chain between them.

As Umbra’s song ended, and another began, Fyre rejoined the spotlight. Fyre rose to her knees, tugging gently on the chain of Umbra’s breasts to get her attention before she placed an affectionate kiss just above the edge of the front of Umbra’s thong. Vibrant red, stiletto nails grazed up along the white, unscaled flesh of Umbra’s thighs, leaving gorgeous trails of red in their wake before Fyre lifted Umbra’s skirt.

Involuntarily, Villanite licked his lips as he saw the juicy, scale-decorated behind revealed by the lifted skirt; the woman’s black thong teasingly hiding her core as her tail slowly slithered to wrap around Fyre’s arm. Both women felt a coldness along the backs of their necks before they each faced the edge of the stage, where Villanite now stood. The man carried a wicked air with him, and those predatorial eyes did nothing to help him look any friendlier. Instead, the women realized he wanted them to come closer via the stack of banknotes sitting on the stage’s edge.

It became quite apparent that the rest of the establishment was too busy watching the beautiful women to remember tipping them; Villanite’s actions prompted more and more of the clientele to sit by the stage, watching while both women made their way to the dark, golden-eyed figure.

The women were soon on their knees in front of Villanite; the man wasted no time in allowing his greedy hands to roam their bodies, finding both rears to grip them almost possessively. A few notes slipped beneath Fyre’s thong strap, another few trailed along Umbra’s spine as she held onto Fyre’s hips and lowered herself to place gentle, sensual kisses on Fyre starting from her hip bones. Umbra’s affections trailed up Fyre’s body while the two women locked eyes with each other, their hips never forgetting to push back against the squeezing and massaging of the man’s groping claws.

The way that the women stared at each other, coupled with beautiful giggles from both women as Umbra playfully and gently tugged at one of Fyre’s nipples with her teeth, made it rather clear that if these two weren’t on stage and needing to remain professional, they’d likely be fulfilling sapphic urges with boundless passion. Just as the women teased the audience by stopping short of what seemed like a lust-driven kiss, they turned to face Villanite. The women graciously and affectionately brought the man into their passion, pressing their bodies against his own as their hot breaths rolled over his neck. 

Both sets of long, sharp nails grazed up the man’s arms, shoulders, and into his hair as Umbra’s tail teased Villanite’s inner thigh. The growling sigh that the man let out made both women smirk and tug at his hair. 

That growl of a voice rumbled out coldly with an almost unnervingly clear hunger in it, “Once you’re off stage, come find me.” The order was followed by a loud smack against both of their perfect asses and an almost adoringly dominant squeeze. The man then pulled away after tossing the stack of money into the air behind the women onto the stage, the raining currency prompting others to begin tipping as Villanite walked back to his table and the women moved on to split up and entertain the rest of the customers. Until their show was over, the man relaxed with his hookah, loving every moment as he watched these brilliant seductresses work their charms on other customers.