The Origin Story

Alright, Vill. It’s recording now. Just thought it’d be easier for me to write this out for the site if we recorded it first. Anyway, as I was saying, you’ve never told me much about your past. Do you remember much about your childhood or anything?

– Writer

Let’s see now, my earliest memory has to be a sunny day. One of the other children and I were practicing pole fighting. Strange, isn’t it? It’s the first memory I can clearly recall, but I was clearly already capable of standing and wielding a weapon. Not that we were very skilled. The next thing in that memory involved getting hit on the head and then crying to what I can only assume was my assigned caretaker. She was beautiful.

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I was a bit of a crybaby growing up. The other children would always tease me. It was rather frustrating. It wasn’t until the first time that I let myself be overcome by my anger that I truly learned the joy of battle. The adrenaline, the rage, the sight of my opponent’s fear, the sound of his cries, the feeling of absolute dominance. No one really picked fights with me after that, and every time someone else did, it took even longer for another to happen. Growing up was awful.

What was a boy to do? I’ll tell you exactly what! Girls, girls, girls! First, it was a small crush that distracted me. Problem was, however… outside of my reputation for violence, there were a few other reasons that people avoided me. If you noticed earlier, I mentioned a woman to be my caretaker, but she wasn’t my mother. No, no. My mother couldn’t be troubled to watch over me; I was her mistake. Her failure.

Nesuresians are generally born fair of skin, which I believe is a human way of saying that they have pale white flesh. Darker shades of skin like mine were generally unheard of and seen as a genetic anomaly. As such, one might think that a child with dark skin might be a great rarity, and while I was treated with love and praise early on, when my teeth began coming in, things changed.

For the most part, Nesuresians are omnivores with a strong leaning towards vegetarian habits and diets. This had been the norm for very long, so when almost all of my teeth came in shaped like incisors and a more than healthy appetite for meat, theories began to develop. At first in my home, and then in the neighborhood. That was when my mother stopped breastfeeding me, and when she stopped looking after me altogether, or so I was told. Remember, my earliest memory happened well after that. As far back as I can actually remember, my mother was just the woman who told my caretaker what to do with me and when.

Anyhow, I digress. Mommy issues aside, when I met my first crush, my caretaker told me that I should approach her with a kind gesture and a smile. I hated smiling. People always looked away from my smile due to my teeth, but she urged me to have confidence in the things I hated about myself.

It went awfully. There’s no other way to cut it. As an adult today, I understand the value of her advice, but at the time I hated her and blamed her for what happened. The girl was terrified of me. I already wasn’t popular, but when the scariest kid in class confessed to her and tried to give her flowers with that scary smile of his, all she could do was run to her elder brother for help.

I still remember his words clearly as his friends all held me down after beating me up: “You already look like a monster, why don’t we make your tongue match, too? Maybe then you’ll stop talking to girls.”

Yeah, not too many people know it, but my split tongue isn’t actually something I was born with. To be honest, I don’t know why he didn’t just try to cut my tongue off entirely, but whatever the case, in the struggle, his plasma knife cut through the center of my tongue, cauterizing it at the same time, and leaving me with this tongue I have now.

A mess of sweat, tears, and disgrace, I laid there that day. By the time I got up and walked home, the sun had long set. I thought I was done crying. I thought that sadness was now the only feeling I could process, but… the moment my caretaker opened the door with that look of concern and joy that I was alive after coming home so late, I snapped.

Another fun fact about Nesuresians: They usually have white sclera and blue eyes or green eyes. In fact, my eyes were fairly blue until that day, too. I remember being filled with so much rage that I couldn’t control myself. After my outburst, she apologized and cried for me. She was only around for a few more months after that before my mother fired her. I never did see her again after that.

Wait, you kinda skipped over some stuff there. What happened when you snapped? It must not have been that bad if she stuck around afterwards before getting fired. Also, what was that about your eyes?

– Writer

Oh! Yeah, when it was all said and done, I noticed my sclera has become blackened and my irises were now the gold color everyone has come to know and love. Anyway, it’s all up for interpretation, but long story short, what I did was bad enough that a few months after my caretaker was fired, I was told to go live by myself on the campus housing for the military academy I was attending.

My eyes were considered yet another medical anomaly. My mother disowned me, my caretaker never contacted me again. I became that scary guy who lived at the academy because no one wanted him around. I became known as a bringer of misfortune. That conception was only solidified when everyone heard that my mother met my father once more, remarried, and they had a healthy, normal daughter together. It was clear that I was the anomaly, not them. I was the curse, they were just my victims.

After that, the name of the game was basically just to keep to myself. I avoided making friends and really only interacted with girls who thought that it’d be fun to have a one-night stand with the scary kid. I mean, even back then, as long as I didn’t smile enough to show my teeth, and even despite my odd features, I was attractive and very fit. I even eventually got to get back at the guys who split my tongue. They tasted awful and delicious all at once. That was the first time I ate someone, but it certainly wasn’t the last.

You want me to take that out of the recording? You probably don’t want to confess to murder and cannibalism like that so openly.

– Writer

Eh. Fuck it. What are they going to do? Arrest me for a crime committed on a planet that doesn’t exist anymore?

Uh… well, okay, yeah, fair enough. What happened to the planet, anyway? You’ve mentioned you’re the last Nesuresian before.

– Writer

Well, after everything that happened, I just felt like it was time to double down on who everyone thought I was. Honestly, being the bad guy just made me feel better. I was the one in control. I was the one who called the shots. It didn’t matter how they saw me, because things would go how I wanted them to go, no matter what.

I worked hard while partying even harder. Eventually, I did save enough credits to buy myself a budget ship. Tiny little ship, I had painted it black and installed some budget lights on it. I called it the Goldglow. That thing served me well, but when that explosion happened, it didn’t survive.

So the explosion wiped out the Nesuresian people? Do you know why the explosion happened?

– Writer

Yeah, the reactor in the center of Nesuren, the primary planet of the Nesuresians, overloaded. Basically, it had a total meltdown, and… well, maybe it was more of an implosion? All I remember is seeing the planet shake even while I was in space. It trembled so much… then everything went still and silent before an amazing flash of light filled all of the space around me and the Nesuresian orbital colonies. It made their sun look like a bitch.

Even in that blinding light, I could clearly see the crust of the planet cave in and collapse on itself. As I watched everything explode, suddenly Goldglow began to shake as well. All kinds of warnings went off on all the sensors and I strapped myself into the cockpit, expecting the worst. Sure enough, the first shockwave hit me with a deafening boom and I was knocked way out into space. More shockwaves rippled through space as the orbital colonies all exploded in response; fragments of debris rocketing around and past me as I spun around uncontrollably for what seemed like hours.

Just as I thought things would settle, Goldglow took on damage from some of the debris. The oxygen reserves began to fail, and I passed out.

Next thing I knew, I woke up with a gun to my face and an insane number of injuries. I didn’t recognize the species that saved me at first, but as I learned more about them, I learned that somehow my ship had propelled out to a new planet. I don’t know exactly how I survived, Goldglow never made it past that day, and all of the data it had was more than corrupted. In the end, I made a living for myself once again, eventually made enough money to buy Goldlight, and now here I am, telling my life story to some nerdy human on the internet just barely in range from a boring nature reserve of a planet known as Earth.

Wait… nature reserve? Is this that thing you mentioned about mosquitoes? Actually, forget that, what I was asking earlier was, do you know what caused the meltdown of the reactor? Any clues or ideas at all?

– Writer

Yeah, the mosqui… ered… pieces… ther… nets.

What? Vill, you’re breaking up like crazy. What was that?

– Writer

Vill…? Hello…?

– Writer

Voice Call has ended.