Hadi’s Awakening

This place was abandoned for ages now. Anyone could tell by simply looking; the door was worn out, the windows were broken, and spider webs were everywhere. As you step through the crude door, you would find yourself looking around cautiously, but why? There was no one here anymore.

You could see the jars and cases of old, spoiled fruits and vegetables. Everywhere you look you could see things that were old, spoiled, broken, or dusty. You take slow steps, your body shivers from the cold air. You could not feel the cold air against your tender flesh, but you felt it surge through the individual bones of your spine. Each surge of cold could be felt surging through the nerves in your body, and as you held your hands, they each felt cold. You try to blow on your hands to warm them, but only cold air comes out.

It was time to leave now, why did you even come here? You turn around and find the door has been replaced by a doorway leading to another room. When did you enter this other room? When did you cross that empty doorway? You cross it once more and see only another doorway. Cross it again, and find yourself where you started. The cold is surging more through your body and you begin shivering, holding your body to warm yourself up, but it won’t work. The cold is within you, not upon you.

You hear footsteps and your head snaps up, finally someone else. You go to look for them, calling out to get attention, but when you go back into that doorway, you find no more entrances. The windows are gone, the doors are gone. You back up, seeing no beings either, but you back up only into a wall. You turn quickly and look for the previous doorway, but you don’t see it.

Your body begins sweating cold sweat, and the cold only intensifies. The shivering is beginning to hurt even your chest; your heart is beating too fast. Your eyes snap back and forth and you try to get a grasp of what’s going on. You back up more, and hear footsteps behind you. You turn and see a new doorway leading to a pitch-black room. You know someone is there. The room is completely dark, with only small radiations of light near the entrance from the previous room.

Dare you enter the new room? Your curiosity and need to leave this place drive you to enter the room. You enter the small radiation of light and looked around; you could see your worst fear in this room, digging deep into your mind. You move one foot into the darkness, and nothing happens only more solid ground. Your worst fear was gone as quickly as it had entered your mind, in the blink of an eye. You move your second foot into the darkness as your body follows.

Then, it’s as if the wooden ground is pulled from under you and you fall… You look back, yelling for help and trying to grasp the other doorway, but it’s gone, and you see only void. Not darkness, but void. All your fears enter your mind and force you to scream and cry out. You suddenly land on cold stone ground, or so you think. You look into the void and hold yourself. You are drawn to look straight ahead and see the glinting of something white. You call out to see who is there, but your voice only awakens two glowing red orbs above the white shining. More detail is given to it and you can tell that the white thing is a grin of well-kept teeth. Someone is there! You call out but you notice the canine teeth of that grin growing long. You back away and feel something warm beside you. You turn cautiously, and the last thing you see is beautiful, long, white hair swaying with the movements of the body which held it. Those red orbs looking into your eyes with extreme blood lust. That grin opening and you feel only a pain in your neck.

Maldicites, opposed to what you previously believed, it was proven that they are real, the last thing you think you know before you die. But you don’t die. The pain worsens and you feel the flesh and meat of your neck be ripped from your body. Strong, muscular arms wrap around your body and you feel their comforting warmth, but the excruciating pain of long, claw-like fingers digging around your spine as you feel your cold blood pouring upon your body.

Your entire body is filled with strange feelings as your spine is pulled from your body. The fangs dig into different parts of your body, but you won’t die. Why must you suffer such pain? As you lay upon the floor, body torn in different parts and bleeding badly, you hear deep, wicked chuckling. It was the voice of someone who had suffered years of pain and took the wrong path to become a wicked creature—hardly a man any longer, now a creature, “Thank you… You’ve awakened me… and you have become my first meal. Be proud… you are the reason the great King Hadi has been reawakened.” The being chuckled again and you felt your torn body be lifted from the cold stone, “Farewell…” The voice growled deeply and the strange, painful, new feeling of having your own cerebral region crushed by claws was the last thing you ever felt as you watched that wicked, beautiful grin before you.