Gold-Infused Pomegranate

Please Note: The events depicted below may be triggering to some, so if you are not comfortable with sexual violence or degradation, please do not read this. I prefer that you have a good day and be happy rather than reading something that makes you uncomfortable!

Characters Featured: Villanite, Bloo The Slime

“Welcome, adventurer!”

A disembodied voice echoed in Aries’ mind as his eyes fluttered open. A new world, a new adventure. The voice went on to tell him about the mechanics of this new world and the rules and restrictions put upon him. As a seasoned adventurer, Aries didn’t listen, something he’d probably regret later on, but such was the life of a brave explorer.

Aries almost immediately decided to cause trouble in this new place. He didn’t like to follow too many rules and had a habit of bending or breaking the rules around him at any time in order to suit his egotistical desires. As he looked over his body and appearance, he sighed out lightly. 

“Well, this won’t do.” The man muttered in a youthful voice.

One deep breath in, then a low growl rumbled forth as his appearance and body shifted. Seven feet tall, lined with defined muscle all exposed for a moment as his dark aura shifted around him, enveloping his gifted figure until the man was in a black pair of slacks, black boots, a black shirt, and a long, black coat. Gold trimmed his outfit beautifully. His eyes opened, revealing the black sclera and liquid metal, almost hypnotic golden irises.

He lifted his hand up to run those newly pointed, golden claw-like nails through his long black hair. The same nails moved on to his chin, scratching at the flesh lightly as a bit of dark stubble appeared. His voice this time had aged quite a few years, now something more akin to a beast’s growl.

“Much better…” A naturally wicked tone accompanied a cruel grin as the voice in his head struggled to understand what rules had just been broken.

“Uh… Adventurer! I don’t know what you’re doing, but I don’t think this is allowed!” The voice panicked.

Aries, waved his clawed hand in the air dismissively as he walked on through this starter zone, “Silence, voice. Do not bother me and I will not bother the balance of this realm. I am here to entertain myself, that is all.”

“No, please, you do not und–” The voice tried to plead with the invader, but suddenly it faltered, struggling to make another sound.

Aries’ golden glare had snapped into what might as well have been nothing in particular, and yet it was all too clear that it was that all-too-knowing stare that froze the voice. The man’s growl came slow but calm, “I believe I told you to be silent.”

Meanwhile, behind some of the starter jumping obstacles in the area, a particular pink creature lay in waiting. The creature was one of those rare beings who could be sexy and cute all at the same time. Her body was transparent, as were most slimes. Her figure was defined in the image of a curvy woman. Gifted chest, wide hips, thick thighs. That soft fruit scent that she carried wasn’t the only thing that would make a person’s mouth water. Especially not with that tiny outfit she wore; it clung so tight to her voluptuous figure that almost nothing was left to the imagination and yet it was such a delicious tease nonetheless.

This time, she was sure she would get the jump on the new adventurer! After taking so many beatings from all these newbies, she realized that her best chance to be the victor was to ambush the adventurers before they even made it to her area. While they were focused on learning how to jump, she would taste victory for once! This pink little slime was rather proud of herself when she came up with this idea, but now she was as good as an ice elemental.

She was frozen behind a platform, brow furrowed, chest lifting and falling heavily as her surface goo dripped profusely. What had she just witnessed? Was this her punishment for breaking the rules and leaving her designated area?

“That’s no normal adventurer! What in the name of goo is that guy?! Why did I come here?! I have to leave!” Thoughts raced in the slime’s head, but no matter how much she told herself that she had to get away, something was stopping her from moving. Something dark. Something she could practically feel slithering around her body. Something that made her shake and puddle.

“You’ve never felt true fear, have you?” That wicked voice sounded like it was directly behind her.

The slime’s amber pink eyes widened as she let out a soft mouse’s squeak. Slowly, her head turned back only to see the man was much further away than his voice made him sound. Suddenly forgetting the sensation of the man’s breath against her, she realized this would be her chance to run away.

“I’ve felt fear! Of course, I have! And I know what to do when I’m afraid!” She replied.

“Why don’t you run, then?” The man asked as he stepped closer and closer.

The question had her wondering the same. She even said she knew what to do, but her legs still wouldn’t listen. “I… don’t…”

Aries offered a wicked, wide grin. Two pairs of fangs decorated his teeth. “True fear, my little slime, is not the same as the fear one holds for a spider. No, no. True fear is that lack of sensation in your legs. True fear is that beating in your chest. True fear is the realization that there is no way out of this situation… that no matter what you do now, your fate is in my hands.”

Finally, the slime narrowed her eyes. This man’s cocky attitude was too over-the-top, maybe that was what helped her realize that she was the one in control of her own body, no one else. 

“Fuck you!” She blurted out as she finally forced herself to turn away and take a step, only to have that same sensation pierce her chest.

The moment she turned, he was already in front of her. Towering high over her, the man’s wicked stare fell down on the slime and his golden, pointed index claw was pressed firmly against the bottom of her chin. Normally, piercing weapons had little effect on slimes, but something about those golden claws felt too sharp even for this viscous creature.

She couldn’t move, not even as he leaned down and dragged his long, forked tongue along her cheek. 

Against her ear, he’d growl in a whisper, “Mmmm… I love pomegranate. Tell me your name.”

She stuttered out, “B-Bloo…”

“Bloo.” The man repeated as his back straightened and his finger trailed up her chin and against her lips. “You can call me Villanite. It’s truly a pleasure to meet you.”

The claws of his index and middle fingers prodded at her lips, forcing them open as he pushed his fingers inside to toy with her tongue, “Well, Bloo… you’re going to be my entertainment tonight.”

Bloo couldn’t bring herself to tear her eyes away from this man’s golden galaxies. So consumed into his gaze that she didn’t even notice that she was now absentmindedly grazing her own tongue along the length of his fingers, whimpering at his words all at the same time. Even the man’s grin suddenly made her quiver.

Aries licked his lips, still savoring her taste. “Goodness… look at you licking my fingers. Could it be, Bloo? Are you a slutty slime?”

Unaware of what else she could do, Bloo only nodded in response.

Aries laughed, withdrawing his fingers and wrapping his hand around her lithe neck before pulling her closer and lowering himself down to her. “Good.” He growled out before taking the shuddering slime into a locking of lips. His tongue would be visible just as his fingers were as it unfurled into her mouth. The long, almost serpent-like tongue wrapped around her own tongue, adoring her flavor as it pushed further into her throat, testing her apparent lack of reflex.

Aries wasted no more time. This slime was meant to be his entertainment and that was the purpose she would serve now. As the kiss broke, a few strands of the girl’s goo tied them together before he wiped her off his face. Her eyes hazy and her breathing ragged after that kiss, she would have little time to react as the man undid his pants, gripped her convenient pigtails, and suddenly filled her lewd mouth with half-flaccid manhood.

Once Bloo had a moment to react, all she could do was let out a muffled gurgle and widen her eyes, planting her hands firmly on the man’s hips. Part of her told her to push away from him, but for some reason, she instead decided to remind herself to breathe properly and guide him deeper into her esophagus. She could feel him harden and grow inside of her throat, that sensation only made her drool more and grip his hips closer.

The suction provided by the slime as he pushed deeper into her and pulled his hips back was absolutely wonderful. The way her body was being forced to shape itself around his thickness was totally intoxicating. It didn’t take long before the man was fully erect inside of the slime’s throat, and that was when new voices cried out in the distance.

“Hey! What are you doing to Bloo?!” One low-level adventurer yelled out. 

There was a trio of men here now. A few friendly adventurers heard that Bloo had come up with some ridiculous idea on how to get the drop on the next batch of adventurers. Worried for her, they came to see if she had learned her lesson, but finding her in this situation was not what they had expected.

“Let her go, creep!” Another adventurer cried out.

All the yelling got the attention of other adventurers in the area, a few women popping by to exclaim, “What kind of place is this!? What’s going on?!”

That was when Aries finally pulled Bloo off his cock and she began to cough before being forced to face the gathering crowd. Aries leaned down to scoop Bloo’s legs up from underneath her, her back against his chest, her knees up to her own chest, and her legs spread apart to give a lewd view of her body.

“Calm down, everyone!” Aries called out with a wicked grin, “Bloo and I are simply having some fun. You’re all welcomed to watch! Bloo, why don’t you tell everyone what you’d like next?” He urged as he lowered her down to press her clothed womanhood against the proudly standing erection below her. 

The sensation made the slime writhe and whimper out, “U… my… ssy…”

The wicked man shook his head, speaking out loud again, “No, no, Bloo! Say it out loud so everyone knows how much of a slutty little slime you are! What is it you want?!”

Bloo whimpered again, looking around at all the eyes on her before Aries suddenly pressed against her more firmly. She shivered, finally giving in as she reached down to move that protective fabric aside, “Fuck my slussy, Villanite! Please fuck my slussy and give me all your yummy cum!”

An obedient slime deserved a fitting reward, and so her body was forced to fit that reward inside. In one wicked, merciless pump, the towering man pushed himself completely inside of the slime’s gushing slussy. The cries that the slime let out were a mixture of pleasure, pain, and absolute bliss as she reached back to hook her hands behind Aries’ neck while he held nothing back, sliding her up and down his full length with the smacking, wet sounds echoing all around as everyone watched with deafening silence, listening only to the beautifully lewd song that Bloo could not hold herself back from singing.

As this man punished the slime’s thick figure, his dark aura spread all around, practically feeding on all of the sinful emotions and thoughts in the area. More and more people began to feel their own bodies react to this scene and just as Aries and Bloo reached a climax together, everyone watched in awe as the man’s thickness pumped what seemed like a nearly endless supply of thick, white, healthy seed into her pink figure.

Bloo was lowered into a puddle of her own making on the ground as Aries let her rest, holding her face against his cock by one of her pigtails as he looked around at the audience, “Looks like you have a lot of fans, Bloo… are you ready to have fun with all of them?” He asked.

Busy licking Aries’ thickness, at first, Bloo didn’t understand that he was even talking to her. She then looked up at him, then out to the crowd, and smiled before wobbling up to stand and wave at everyone, “Hello, everyone! Welcome to the slimy party! Let’s make this an ooey-gooey night!”