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At a certain point, you gotta start asking yourself whether or not it’s okay for the main characters of isekai stories to always be so OP. But the writers of Wise Man’s Grandchild didn’t do that; instead, they asked, “What if the main character made all his friends OP, too?!”

Ultimately, this is a premise that has already been visited in a certain anime about being reincarnated as a slime, but isn’t that the whole point of the isekai genre these days? To recycle premises and redeliver them through a new Instagram filter? Also, before I continue, let me mention that this anime can also be watched on Hulu, but the plugin I use for reviews only supports two buttons.

Shin Wolford died in our world in order to be reborn in a new one. Yes, Truck-kun was behind it. In fact, in this series, Truck-kun was almost late; the anime clearly shows Truck-kun cutting off other drivers just to make sure he hit Shin. Good thing he made it!

So, then, Shin wakes up as a baby in a new world, and has all of his memories of the previous world. Even as a baby. According to an angerboi on Funimation’s comments section, the original light novel that this show is based on actually tells the story of Shin growing up in this new world, but the anime skips over almost all of that. Honestly? The anime seemed fine without it and I didn’t really feel like I missed out on anything, so… sorry, Angerboi.

Shin grows up being raised by an old man who found him in the forest after his family was killed by a demon. We quickly learn that this old man’s name is Merlin, and by the end of the first episode, we learn that his adoptive grandfather, and all the visitors he and his grandfather have, are all extremely famous figures in the nearby kingdom. It even turns out the guy Shin refers to as Uncle Dis is the king of that very same kingdom.

So, now that Shin is of high-school age, Merlin and the others decide it’s time for Shin to meet kids his own age and attend a magical high school. Only problem is that Shin has an insane amount of battle power. His magic is beyond the level of Merlin’s and his combat skills were honed via training with the kingdom’s most famous, legendary military general.

While in school, Shin learns that he needs to tone things down a bit in order to fit in. Especially when he realizes that while he can cause craters with his magic, kids his age are actually only normally able to use Splash.

So what is a boy to do to fit in? Well it doesn’t help that everyone knows that he’s the grandchild of a famous spellcaster, and besties with the crown prince. So obviously, he does what any intelligent young man would do: Start a school club and train the members to become more powerful than anyone in the kingdom’s military. Also, make the absolute cutest girl ever his girlfriend.

YES! Honestly? That tiny detail alone made this anime register high on my list for me. I’ve become so painfully frustrated with anime protagonists not actually expressing their feelings, that seeing Shin actually ask his crush out fairly early in the show made me very happy.

I also liked that the show made Shin’s power and strength seem like something that was actually attainable by other characters. He isn’t OP because he is the main character, but it turns out he is OP because of his understanding of modern science and technology, using that knowledge alongside the universe’s magical gifts means that as long as someone can learn science, they can learn his spells.

Around the middle of this first season, Shin encounters someone who can actually drive concern into him; someone who learned how to be almost as strong as him on their own. While I’m admittedly a little bored with the isekai genre throwing OP characters at us, I liked this approach because it gave us the same story, and then turned it on its head in a single fight scene.

In conclusion…

As I mentioned before, the premise of an isekai main character making his friends god-tier has already been visited in the past, but the idea that the enemies figured out how to become god-tier on their own presents some rather scary possibilities. Overall, I actually really enjoyed this anime and am definitely looking forward to seeing another season of it.