Yamada’s First Time: B Gata H Kei

Yamada's First Time: B Gata H Kei











  • Funny
  • Fan Service


  • Little to No Character Development
  • Frustrating Characters

You ever watch something (anime or otherwise) that makes you want to grab the character on-screen and violently shake them until they act right? Yeah… about three episodes in, that’s all you want to do to just about every character in this show until the last episode. So on that note, let’s dive right in.

Honestly, I’m usually the first to defend a story that makes people feel angry or frustrated. The way I see it, if a story can give you legitimate emotions, then the story is well written and the characters were properly relateable!

B Gata H Kei does NOT fall into this category.

The story follows Yamada (who’s given name is never revealed during the entire show) as she attempts to fulfill her goal of attaining one-hundred sex friends. Yamada’s goal may not be impossible, seeing as she’s the most popular girl in school. Unfortunately, she faces one problem right out of the gate; she’s picky.

She wants her first time to be with another virgin, so that she doesn’t feel like her partner is better than her. In comes Takashi Kosuda, possibly the plainest virgin that exists in her school. When she meets him, she becomes infatuated with having him become her first sexual conquest and begins to do everything in her power to make that happen. Almost.

As it turns out, Yamada is embarrassed about the whole ordeal, and even when she has him cornered and willing, she freaks out and decides not to follow through. This is funny and charming at first, but then she keeps doing this. In. Every. Episode.

The running joke gets old pretty early on, and just becomes annoying when you realize that Takashi has a kindhearted and beautiful childhood friend who’s interested in him, but doesn’t have to courage to ask him out. Takashi, being the male lead in an anime, is, of course, completely oblivious to all of this and just spends the majority of the entire anime confused about Yamada’s actions.

I honestly can’t get into the most frustrating parts without dropping spoilers, but Yamada goes as far as considering other partners in front of Takashi and outright telling her best friend that once she can figure out how to sleep with Takashi, who’s legitimately falling for her, then she’ll be all good to go to sleep with 99 more men.

For the entire anime, Yamada sees–and is very open about–Takashi being nothing more than the first step of her ultimate goal. The problem is, she never tells Takashi this, so he’s just confused because she keeps trying to seduce him, and then runs off at the last second.

In Conclusion…

Honestly, this anime’s biggest perk is the fan service, but even that is lacking since the art style is iffy at best. The rest of the characters in the show are pretty hilarious and charming, and even Takashi himself is pretty lovable usually, but Yamada just drove me absolutely crazy during this show. I’ve never rooted so hard for a protagonist to just go away, ever.