The Sacred Blacksmith (Seiken no Blacksmith)

The Sacred Blacksmith











  • Interesting Universe
  • Interesting Characters
  • Non-Overpowered Protagonist


  • Poor Delivery
  • Abrupt Conclusions

There’s nothing worse in the world of Anime than being given an interesting story and universe that just doesn’t deliver properly. Honestly, I feel like The Sacred Blacksmith had the makings of being a really great ongoing series, but whatever happened to it near the end made it lose all steam.

The story primarily follows Cecily Campbell and her growth as a Knight Guard for the city of Housman, an independent trade city. However, I have to admit, that the anime pretty quickly gives you the sense that Cecily, while technically being the protagonist, is really just used as a viewpoint to deliver the story of Luke Ainsworth, who’s a bit too plain and quiet to be any kind of interesting protagonist, but has an interesting backstory.

All that being said, let’s face facts. This anime is actually about Lisa. The adorable, tiny blonde girl that makes your heart melt every time she’s on-screen.

No, really, by the end of the series, it’s revealed that her entire existence is actually extremely important, but before then, I have to admit that I really just kept watching this anime because of her.

The story and universe are interesting, but the anime seems to make an effort at not delving into the background lore too much until the very last episode when it rushes through a ton of important events without any sense of resolution or explanation of them.

Now, I know what can happen when an anime loses budget halfway through; it ends up rushing a conclusion and chops the story up so badly that it makes it nonsensical. (I’m looking at you, Soul Eater.) So maybe this is what happened, but honestly, I really wish anime studios would decide to let a story go unfinished rather than, in my opinion, ruin it in these situations.

The art style of the show feels aged, even for a 2009 anime, but the animation quality of the show seems more advanced. It’s an odd mix, but it worked out to be fairly pleasing on the eyes. The characters are all fairly interesting and I’ve heard that a major complaint about Cecily is that she’s a pretty inept protagonist, but honestly, I think she makes perfect sense and would have made even more sense if the show kept on going to let her grow.

In Conclusion…

I feel like this show could have easily made it to my favorites list if it hadn’t been too shy to explore the world lore. There was a lot of apparent depth to the characters that was mentioned in passing and never revisited. As a writer, that just makes me sad.

At the end of the day, Lisa is best girl and the ending theme of the show (which she’s the star of) is now one of my favorite ending themes of all time.