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  • Basically Softcore Porn
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  • Basically Softcore Porn

In a world where multiple species live in general harmony and peace, crossbreeding is a given, but this show answers the ever-pressing question: What do all the cross-breed succubi do for a living? Obviously, they open up brothels upon brothels. Any savvy businessman knows the danger of this, however; choice paralysis! How does one choose which brothel to visit? Luckily, Stunk and his friends have taken it upon their heroic selves to visit all of them and review them!

This anime follows the aforementioned Stunk, a skilled and popular adventurer, and his friends as they begin and execute their mission of visiting every brothel around and reviewing them for the benefit of their fellow adventurers. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like being on a month-long adventure, picking a brothel you’ve never been to, and finding out it just wasn’t for you after spending the money.

This show originally got picked up by Funimation but was quickly dropped around episode 3 when they realized that this was basically just a softcore hentai series. That’s right, you won’t be seeing any penetration here, but you will see just about everything else. They even have some visual puns from time to time to replace the genitalia that might be included in some sex scenes.

It’s pretty clear out of the gate that most of the animation budget of the show goes into its sex scenes, but considering that the sex scenes take up about 50-70% of each episode, it’s not really that much of a problem.

Stunk himself isn’t particularly a lovable protagonist, but he does ground the humor of the show–and can be rather relatable–from time to time by being the only human perspective in this heavily inter-species-themed storyline. All that being said, however, the other characters of the show (even some recurring background characters) make up for Stunk’s crude attitude and mannerisms. You might even find yourself cheering on the spellcasting dragon man who regularly reads the group’s reviews as he continues his goal of becoming a true, full-fledged wizard; otherwise known as a 30-year old virgin.

While part of the show’s obvious draw revolves around the sex scenes, the writing is actually quite clever and the group’s reviews are actually pretty thought out. I did find myself, at times, paying less attention to the sex going on in the background and paying more mind to the opinions of each reviewer and their experiences with these varying species of women.

I would have to argue that if the anime’s creators really wanted their show to be properly distributed and backed by a company like Funimation, they should have possibly considered putting the sex scenes into a blu-ray release and focusing more on the legitimately interesting story that seems to be going on in the background while the guys are busily sheathing their blades.

Since they chose to put the sex into each episode so heavily, though, I’m forced to think that the world’s ongoing story being interesting was probably just a happy mistake that occurred while the writers and animators focused on the sex scenes and breakdowns of each race and the way that each reviewer’s opinion in the situation was affected by their own DNA and culture. An interesting example of this is the ongoing joke that Stunk, the human of the group, considers a 500-year old elf woman to be his favorite, but Zel, the 200-year old elf of the group, criticizes Stunk for going after ancient women with stale mana, older than his own mother. All the while, Zel’s favorite go-to girl is a 50-year old human woman who’s mana he still considers young and refreshing.

In Conclusion…

I’m still convinced that the political story going on in the background is probably pretty interesting, but I admit that the lewd content of the show is a bit too distracting to know for sure. The show is funny and the group’s reviews are surprisingly insightful, but the show is still a softcore hentai series. I highly recommend this for anyone who’s able to be shameless about watching this on their television/computer at home, but if you have to sneak around to watch this, you might as well just go watch some hentai.

There’s also the issue that this hasn’t been picked up by any of the major streaming services, so to watch it you’ll have to go to one of those unofficial, virus-ad-heavy sites or just download it.