True Shades of Darkness: Chapter 6

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Bianca stretched her arms out towards the sides of her bed as her green eyes fluttered open, taking her away from the dreams she was already gradually forgetting. She rolled over to her side, looking at the clock beside her bed, noting that it was already mid-afternoon, “Nox must be in Vatic by now…” She muttered to herself with a yawn.

She sat up straight in her bed and drifted her eyes to the full body mirror in her room. Her nude body made its way to the mirror before she began shifting her stance back and forth before it. Her body practically defined athleticism, but she couldn’t help eyeing her stomach and squeezing it a bit. She then chuckled to herself and shook her head, “What am I doing?” She asked herself and made her way to her restroom.

While taking her seat on her toilet, she recalled the events of the night before. Being around Lucius and the others put her on edge. It was odd to be in that club, she always had dark urges whenever she spent time there. She was never very vain but being around all of the beautiful women that Lucius surrounded himself with generally led to her mirror getting attention from her.

After wiping and flushing, leaned on the doorframe of her bathroom, staring at the table in the center of her small home’s living room. The table had a large blanket over it, but something was being concealed by the sheet. Something that was driving Bianca to chew on her lower lip idly.

Suddenly, a knock was heard at her door. Her eyes narrowed for a moment, as she looked in the direction of the door.

“Bianca! It’s Autumn! I need to talk to you!”

Bianca stared at the door, her narrow glare having shifted into a semi-concerned look of surprise, “H-hold on, Autumn! I’ll be right there!” She called out before rushing to get dressed.

Outside, Autumn smiled wide, “Looks like I got the right place.” She said to herself in affirmation.

After a short wait, the door opened, and Autumn set her eyes on Bianca, who greeted her with a small tank-top and a pair of tight short-shorts. Her hair was in a messy ponytail, and she had a slightly awkward smile on her face, “Hey Autumn… whatcha doin’ here?” She asked before an even more important question struck her, “Wait… how’d ya know where I live?”

Autumn grinned proudly, “I had someone follow you home last night.” She declared.

Rookie mistake, to be sure. Bianca sighed, lowering her head in defeat, “That’s kinda not cool, ya know?” She had only herself to blame, though. She was too out of it after spending time with Lucius to be able to focus on a tail.

Autumn waved Bianca’s words away, “Oh, it’s fine. We’re friends anyway! Can I come in?” She asked as she poked Bianca’s stomach lightly, “Sexy outfit, by the way.” She commented.

Bianca arched back at the poke and rubbed her stomach. She muttered a question about when they became friends but didn’t seem to put up much of a fight as she moved to the side and let Autumn in, eyeing the other woman’s outfit. The blonde obviously had more time to get dressed. The pink frilly skirt and tight, white blouse that did little to hide her pink bra made Autumn look much cuter than Bianca’s comfy clothes, she felt.

Autumn stepped in, looking around Bianca’s messy, tiny basement apartment, “Woooow…” she let out, “Kinda messy, isn’t it?” She commented, noticing the different piles of what looked like junk around Bianca’s home.

Bianca lowered her brows as she closed the door, “Are ya here to make fun of me, Autumn?”

Autumn laughed and shook her head, making her way to the table in the living room. She leaned against it, and placed her hands on her hips, “No, no! Actually… I wanted to ask about your hair.”

Bianca took clear note of Autumn’s proximity to her table and the object she had concealed under the blanket on it, “Hmm? My hair? What about it?” She asked, reaching up to fix the messy, purple ponytail.

“How’d you get it that color?” Autumn asked, “That’s not natural, is it?”

Bianca chuckled and shook her head, “No, come here, I’ll show you.” She motioned towards the tiny kitchenette of her home. As Autumn moved away from the table, Bianca let out a subtle sigh of relief and made her way to one of the drawers in the kitchen. She pulled out a set of small pouches, placing them on the table and revealing colored powders in them, “See here? This is how I color my hair. They’re powder mixes. Ya interested in colorin’ yer hair, Autumn?”

Autumn looked over the varying colors of powder with a clearly interested expression on her face, “Uh-huh… I feel like blondes are stupid, dirty bitches, so I should color my hair, so I don’t look like them, you know?”

Bianca stared at Autumn for a moment. She understood her desire to change her hair color, but the reasoning seemed to be dipped in some kind of venom, “Uh… well, okay. What color were ya thinkin’?”

Autumn thought about it for a while, then asked, “Can I make my hair pink?”

Bianca nodded, smiling, “Sure. I can mix red and white for a pink shade.”

Autumn smiled brightly and leaned closer to Bianca, “Oh! That would be great! Should I take my blouse off? I washed my hair this morning, is that okay?!” She asked, already moving to unbutton her white blouse.

Bianca’s eyes widened while a small amount of panic set into her. She wasn’t great at dealing with people. Shani and Tamica had been trying to break her out of her shell lately, but Autumn was on a whole other level of an extrovert, “Wai-wait! Autumn! What do you mean?”

Autumn tilted her head questioningly as she folded up her blouse and placed on the kitchen counter, “Well, we’re gonna color my hair, right? I don’t want my blouse to be stained… should I take my bra off, too?”

“Wait… Autumn…” Bianca let out as she looked away and covered her eyes, but Autumn was talking over her already.

“I guess I shouldn’t have to, but the pink shades might be different, right? And it’s an expensive bra. Better safe than sorry!” She said as she placed her bra on the counter as well. She looked at Bianca at that moment and grinned wickedly, “What’s the matter, Bianca? You don’t like boobies?” She teased.

Bianca let out a sigh and motioned to the wall of the kitchen, “Bathroom is on the other side of that wall, go in there and wet ya hair…” She instructed, before muttering, “And no, I don’t like boobs. I like men.”

Autumn laughed and made her way to the restroom, “You should try other options some time, Bianca!”

Bianca sighed as she mixed the red and white powders to create a pink-hued combination. She heard the water from the shower running when she glanced up at the table with the blanket, staring at it quietly. Maybe it was time try other options if she couldn’t get her mind off of other things, “Not like that dream is ever gonna get anywhere…” She muttered to herself.

She then moved over to the restroom and spotted a fully nude Autumn wetting her hair. She turned around quickly and yelled out, “Why are ya naked?!”

“Well, if I left my skirt and panties on, they’d get wet too…” Autumn responded, casually.

Bianca huffed, placing the bowl of mixed powder on the sink counter and moved to her bedroom. She fetched a top and a pair of shorts that she then held out through the doorway to the restroom, “Here, just finish wetting your hair and put this on, I don’t care if it gets the coloring on it.” She instructed Autumn.

Autumn turned off the water, taking the clothes from Bianca with a chuckle. She slipped the clothes on her body after drying herself with a towel she had found in the bathroom, “You’re such a prude, Bianca.” She commented before stepping out of the bathroom. Bianca’s top struggled to keep Autumn’s gifted chest contained, and her shorts left little to the imagination.

Bianca eyed the other woman, now feeling like urging her to wear anything was practically pointless. Bianca shook her head, moving back into the restroom to retrieve the bowl of powder. That was when she noticed a necklace on the sink counter with a beautiful sapphire stone on it. She picked it up, looking over it in awe.

“Like it? Daddy bought it for me some time ago.” Autumn commented, leaning against the door frame with a smile.

Bianca looked at Autumn, eyes widened, “Autumn… do you know what this is?” She asked.

Autumn raised a brow, “A sapphire. My middle name is Sapphire, so Daddy said it reminded him of me. Why?”

Bianca shook her head, “Not just any sapphire! Look how the light is absorbed by it, instead of reflected! This is a Dark Sapphire.”

Autumn stared at Bianca, confused, “What’s that mean?”

“You don’t know about Dark Gemstones, Autumn?” Bianca asked.

Autumn shook her head.

Bianca put the gemstone down and sighed, “Pull up a chair, I’ll tell you about them while I color your hair.” She instructed.

Autumn nodded, grabbing the nearest chair and sitting on it, facing the blanketed table.

Bianca put a bit of water in the bowl of powder and began to stir it with a hair comb. Soon enough, she was combing the mixture through Autumn’s hair, “This might stain ya skin a bit, but it’ll wash off ya skin a lot more quickly than ya hair.”

“M’kay,” Autumn responded, idly eyeing the oddly familiar shape under the blanket on the table.

“Anyway, ‘member the collection of amethysts in Lucius’ office? All of those are Dark Amethysts. He collects them. They’re magical stones, all of which do different things. The Dark Gemstones are all the same. The legend is that there are Rubies, Amethysts, Emeralds and Sapphires that all have magical abilities. Like the gauntlets that Lucius gave me, those allow me to mess with the gravity around me and control it so that I can jump higher, walk on walls, and stuff like that.”

Autumn blinked a bit, looking up at Bianca from her seat, “You can walk on walls?”

Bianca grinned proudly, pushing Autumn’s head back forward before clipping a section of her hair off and combing through more of it with the mixture, “Yes, when I use those gauntlets.”

Autumn nodded lightly, “Huh… that’s kinda cool.” She muttered, now looking at everything else in Bianca’s apartment, “Wait… so what do you do for Lucius?” She asked.

“I sell’im things and retrieve things he has an interest in.”

“From where?”

“Depends. Sometimes from other places in Sharbain, but most of the time from the ruins of the Holy City.”

“Where’s the Holy City?”

Bianca tilted her head, stopping her hand and looking down at Autumn, “Ya… don’t know ‘bout the Holy City, Autumn?”

Autumn shook her head.

“Sanctum was built on top of the Holy City’s ruins. It was the home of a nation of Hav long, long ago. Their military was known as the Holy Javelin and was wiped out during a war with the Santerran United Front.” Bianca explained, “Eden and Vatic were built after Santo Tobias Meinhard re-claimed the Holy City’s ruins.”

“So… is that where all this junk comes from? It looks super old.” Autumn commented.

Bianca pursed her lips, resuming the application of the dye, “It’s not junk… but yeah, it’s all from the ruins.”

Autumn nodded slowly, “Sounds kinda boring… I’m not really into history, honestly.”

Bianca chuckled a bit, moving on to another layer of Autumn’s hair, “Well, I can see why it’s boring for ya. I’m kinda a history fanatic. I love old stuff.”

Silence followed while Bianca continued applying the mixture to Autumn’s hair. Eventually, as she was finishing up, Autumn finally spoke up, “Bianca.”


“Why don’t you work for my dad? He could probably pay you more.”

Bianca sighed a bit, “Honestly, Autumn… a lotta people kinda hate the modern Santos.”

Autumn nodded, knowingly, “Makes sense… my dad’s kind of an asshole. Hopefully, it really pisses him off when I tell him that I fucked the infamous Lucius.”

Bianca froze as she combed the last of the dye through the other woman’s hair, “Ya’ what?”

Autumn grinned, “Yeah, he was a lot of fun.”

Bianca wasn’t sure whether or not she should say anything. She merely stood there, staring at the back of Autumn’s head. Bianca swallowed hard, lost in thought now. The girl had no idea she had just had sex with her own brother. Why hadn’t Lucius said anything? He knew that they were siblings!

“What’s up? Something wrong?” Autumn asked, turning to look at Bianca, “Oh… wait, do you like Lucius?”

Bianca’s eyes widened, and she turned around, laughing nervously, “No! No! I just… I’m kind of uncomfortable around that kind of topic.” She explained, rinsing out the bowl of mixture, “Anyway, let your hair dry, and it should take on the new pink color… I’m all done.” She explained.

Autumn giggled lightly, “You really are a prude…” She commented before getting up. She walked over to the table, then spoke up again, “I’ve been meaning to ask, Bianca… is there a body under here?” She asked, turning to look back at Bianca.

Bianca dropped the bowl in the sink and stared at Autumn, “Wh-wh-why would you say that?!”

Autumn stared at Bianca and then raised a brow, “Well… it looks like a body from the side… can I see what’s here?” She asked, reaching for the edge of the blanket.

“No!” Bianca called out.

Autumn did not listen, however, and pulled the blanket to reveal the head and shoulders of a male resting on Bianca’s table. The man’s eyes were closed. He was pale-skinned and had short black hair. A strange, symmetrical design of gray lines could be seen on his shoulders, neck, and face. He was handsome and muscular as well. He didn’t seem dead, but he definitely didn’t seem to be alive.

“Woah…” Autumn let out as she prodded the male figure’s flesh, “What is this, Bianca? Why do you have a dead guy on your table?” She asked, her finger trailing along his neck and stopping at a small, gray indent at the center of the collarbone, where the gray design led to.

“Autumn!” Bianca cried out, “He’s not dead! Please respect people’s wishes!”

Autumn turned around, ignoring the scolding and simply responding with, “Well he sure ain’t alive…” She muttered and walked over to Bianca. She smiled to Bianca, who was clearly panicking, but moved past her and grasped her necklace off of the counter of the sink, “Anyway, what is he?” She asked, moving back towards the body.

Bianca followed this time, “He’s a relic I found in the ruins…” She explained, giving up now, “I’d never found anythin’ like him, so I brought him up to investigate him.” She said, then noticed Autumn struggling with her necklace, “What are ya doin’?”

Autumn grunted lightly as she tried to remove her sapphire from the necklace, “The indent… on him… matches… Ah!” She exclaimed as she liberated the stone from the necklace, “Look!” She didn’t bother to explain anymore and just placed the freed stone on the indent of the cavity in the center of the man’s collarbone. The gemstone fit perfectly in the indent.

Bianca stared at this, confused, “Why…?”

“You said you found him in the ruins, right? Daddy bought that necklace for me from a merchant that explores the ruins, too.” Autumn explained.

Bianca sighed, “That’s too much coincidence… take the stone out, Autumn. Cover him back up, please.”

Autumn chuckled and nodded, “Fine, you stick in the mud…” She said before reaching for the stone, “Huh…” She muttered, struggling to pry it out.


“It won’t come out.”

Bianca furrowed her brow, reaching out to help. She tried to dig her nails into the sides of the stone to pull it out, but nothing was helping, “Autumn! What did ya do?!”

Autumn frowned, “I didn’t think it would get stuck!”

Bianca sighed, dropping her head in defeat, “Ugh… how much was the stone? I’ll pay you for it.”

Autumn blinked a bit, then smiled a bit, “Nah, I don’t care. It was just a gift from that asshole anyway. It looks good on him, anyway.”

Bianca looked to Autumn, concerned, “Ya sure?”

Autumn placed a finger over her lower lip in thought this time, eyeing Bianca, then the body under the blanket. She then grinned, “Well… if you really wanna pay me back, let me see the rest of him.”

Bianca’s face flushed instantly, “Wh-what do you mean?”

“Pull the rest of the blanket off!”

Bianca looked away, burying her face into her hands, “By the Mystics, Autumn…”

Autumn giggled, dancing around Autumn and grasping the bottom of the blanket. She looked to Bianca, grinning wide.

Bianca walked to the chair Autumn was sitting on and nodded, “Fine!”

“Yay!” Autumn exclaimed before pulling the blanket off of the figure completely. Before was the entire body of a mostly exposed male. His entire body was intact, and that gray design spread throughout his body. He was quite muscular; a fine specimen of a male to be sure. Autumn practically drooled as she looked over every rippled inch of the man’s body. She then looked over to Bianca, asking accusingly, “Did you find him with boxers on?”

Bianca wasn’t looking at all, her red face facing elsewhere, “… No…” She let out, weakly.

Autumn laughed out loud and walked over to Bianca, sitting on her lap, facing her.

“Autumn…” Bianca complained.

“What do you think he is? He’s obviously not human. Don’t dead humans decay and shit?” Autumn asked.

Bianca nodded, turning to look at the pretty woman who had claimed her lap as a seat, “Yeah… I don’t know. Some legends make mention of the Holy Javelin using artificial soldiers. They were never used in the Holy War, though, so the only records found on the topic have been from the Javelin and they were mostly destroyed.”

Autumn nodded slowly, crossing her arms under her chest, “Hmm… have you tried kissing him?”

Bianca’s blush couldn’t get any brighter, but her face definitely felt warmer, “Wh-what? Why would I do that?”

“You know! Like those princess stories. Except, he’s a prince!”

“That’s ridiculous! That would be weird!” She let out, before glancing at Autumn, “Wouldn’t it?”

Autumn chuckled lightly, “Nah, why would it be weird? It’s not like you’re messing with his junk or anything…” She trailed off, then looked back at the man before looking to Bianca again, “Unless… well, you did put those boxers on him. How big is he?”

Bianca furrowed his brow, not quite understanding, “He’s a little shorter than the doorway…”

Autumn’s eyelids lowered slightly, “N… No. Bianca, how big is he… down there?”

Bianca stared at Autumn, apparently confused, “He wasn’t a different size in the ruins… I had to use my gauntlets to carry him. He’s pretty heavy.”

Autumn lowered her head in frustration, “Bianca…” She let out before snapping her head up, “His dick! His cock! How big is it?! Is it long? Is it girthy?! Is it shaped weird? Does he even have one?!”

Bianca’s blush had died down slightly until that moment. She closed her eyes and screamed out, “Autumn! Stop! What’s wrong with you!?”

Autumn began laughing as she got up no longer straddling the much more clean-minded woman. She then started undressing once more.

“What are you doing?!” Bianca asked.

“Oh, calm down.” She asked, walking in the nude to the bathroom and putting on her underwear and skirt once more. She then made her way to the kitchen to retrieve the remainder of her outfit, “I gotta head out before Daddy sends people to look for me.” She explained, buttoning up her blouse.

Bianca sighed, defeated and unable to keep up with the newly pink-haired woman.

“Anyway, I’ll see you around, alright? You going to the Amethyst Club any time soon?” Autumn asked, walking to the front door and leaning against it.

Bianca smiled weakly, “Sure… I’ll probably see you there soon enough.”

Autumn nodded with a smile, “Great, don’t be a stranger, Bianca. I like you! You’re fun. Don’t be getting any funny ideas with that hunk on the table, though! I know it must be hard to hold yourself back from mounting him.”

“Get out, Autumn!” Bianca whined.

Autumn laughed and quickly left the apartment. Bianca sighed out in frustration and made her way to the door, locking it. As she did so, she heard the sound of something falling inside her apartment.

She froze instantly; eyes widened. Her breath was caught in her chest, her heart began to race. She slowly turned to look at the table, to see the man sitting up. The gray designs of his body were all glowing blue now, matching the color of the Sapphire just above his chest. His head was facing away from her but soon turned to lock a pair of beautiful blue eyes on her. Bianca’s breath was stopped by the feeling of her heart in her throat.

A deep voice left the man’s throat, stern and clear, “Where am I?”

Bianca’s voice escaped her in a tiny squeak before her vision blurred. Her back slid down the door, and everything went dark.

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