True Shades of Darkness: Chapter 3

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The sun had long set over the nation of Santificado. The club was filled with customers, and business was progressing as usual.

On the roof of the club, Autumn had just found herself a booth to sit at in the hookah lounge area. With a heavy sigh, she fell onto the couch of the enclosure and leaned her head back, closing her eyes. Her dress was neatly on her body again, but she made no effort to cover up the love bites that trailed her neck, nor the fact that her long, blonde hair was now in a messy ponytail.

Autumn hadn’t seen the approaching Tamica before she spoke up, “Hello, Miss Autumn. You two were in there for hours. I hope everything is okay.”

Autumn’s eyes opened slowly to look at Tamica; a sly smile coming across her face, “Mmm… yeah… everything is wonderful. I just really need something to smoke now. Do you have something fruity with mint?” She requested.

Tamica chuckled and nodded, “Of course.” She said before turning to flag down one of the servers, “Berry Mint, please. And Miss Autumn’s tab is on the house.” She instructed the server before taking a seat with the blonde, “So… how’d it go, then?” She asked with a knowing grin.

Autumn laughed, realizing that her escapades weren’t particularly hidden from her present company, “Tamica, right?” She asked.

Tamica nodded with a smile, “Yes, Miss Autumn.”

“Well, Tamica… I’ll be honest. I’m not sure walking is going to be all that easy once the soreness sets in, you know what I mean?” She joked, “And I’m pretty sure the liquor we drank was all sweated out by now.”

Tamica laughed, nodding once more, “Ah, then maybe we should get you more alcohol to keep the soreness at bay for the moment?” She offered.

Autumn smiled and nodded, happily, “That would be fucking wonderful!”

Tamica chuckled and nodded, just as the decision was made, however, a short female approached the booth with a hookah in her hand. She placed it on the table and glared at Tamica. She was a pretty young woman wearing a pair of tight leather pants that rode very low on her hips and a black bikini top over her humble chest. She had short red hair and beautiful green eyes. Her attire revealed much of her body, along with the various tattoos that covered her flesh.

“Tamica!” The woman stated, “I’ve been fucking looking all over for you. You have a shitty customer looking for you. One of your ugly regulars.”

Tamica smiled, “Hello, Gene! You really shouldn’t refer to our lovely customers that way. We’ve been over this.”

Gene rolled her eyes, “Yeah, yeah. He’s waiting downstairs, should I tell him you’re busy?” She asked.

Autumn spoke up abruptly, “Yes.” She said before Tamica could reply. The two women looked to Autumn before she explained, “I will pay for Tamica’s company tonight. She’s mine.”

Tamica grinned, scooting over to sit next to Autumn. She looped her arm around Autumn’s and smiled sweetly to Gene, “Well, there you go, Gene. Miss Autumn just spent a night with Mister Nox and will need me for the rest of the night.”

Gene stared at Autumn for a while, then chuckled lightly, “A blonde. Makes sense.” She muttered before waving at the pair, “Fine, whatever, I’ll tell him to leave.” She walked off as she spoke.

Tamica yelled out down the lounge, “Genevieve! Offer him an alternative!” But no response was received, prompting a sigh from Tamica, “That girl…”

Autumn spoke up as she reached out for the hose of her hookah, “What did she mean…?” She asked before inhaling more smoke.

Tamica smiled to Autumn, stroking her arm lightly, “Hm? About what?”

Autumn wasn’t looking particularly friendly at the time, but didn’t fight off the attention she got from Tamica, “She said, ‘A blonde. Makes sense.’ What did she mean by that?” She muttered, not making any eye contact.

Tamica tilted her head, curiously watching Autumn’s facial expression, “Hm, maybe because Lucius has had a thing for blondes lately. Rumor has it that it’s got to do with an old girlfriend of his. She was blonde. I guess maybe some people think that he’s doing it to fill a void?” She stated.

Autumn’s eyebrows lifted in aggravated surprise, “Huh…” She let out before taking a long drag from her hookah, “So… he just fucked me because I reminded him of an old girlfriend?” She asked, in a monotonous tone.

Tamica caught on pretty quickly to her disappointment and offered a smile to Autumn, “Oh… honey…”

Autumn suddenly pulled her arm away and got up, “I’m gonna go.”

Tamica sighed sadly, “Miss Autumn, please don’t let it bother yo—”

“I said I’m leaving!” Autumn snapped back before walking away from the booth, leaving the club.

Tamica sighed out in frustration and took the hookah hose, inhaling deeply from it before releasing a small cloud of smoke, “I really wanted to spend the night with her…” She muttered to herself.

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