True Shades of Darkness: Chapter 2.1

Trigger Warning

Both characters involved in this scene are mentally unhealthy and their actions are a result of that. If you are uncomfortable with rough/taboo sexual content, it is recommended you skip over this and head directly to Chapter 3.

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Autumn stared at the man as he put his cigar down. She could feel the warmth flushing her face from her cheeks to her ears. It was hard to tell if the blush was from her excitement or the alcohol at first; until his large stature was hovering over her. The warmth that spread to her core cleared up any confusion she may have had rather quickly. Her teeth clenched down lightly on her lower lip, in an attempt to hold back the mischievous grin that he was bringing out of her.

She found herself lost in his eyes rather quickly. That cold, amethyst glare was boring into her soul and sparking all kinds of lewd imagery in her mind. She wanted him to take her, but she couldn’t dare to let him know that.

“Are you just going to stand there and look at—” his large hand gripped her hair and pulled her up harshly. The feeling of his body against her own was more than welcomed, forcing a soft moan from her lips to his own as he kissed her.

His scent, his dominance, his very aura was intoxicating. Her eyes widened in surprise at first but soon were half-lidded as his tongue invaded her mouth in search of her wet muscle. An insatiable hunger overcame her, and she reciprocated the affection by wrapping her slender arms around his neck, grasping his hair firmly.

After a prolonged dance between their tongues, the kiss broke, and she found herself staring up into his hardened eyes. Now that their lips were no longer locked, the haze in her head cleared up, and she chuckled, attempting to pull away from him, “It’s going to take more than just a kis—”

“Shut up,” he interrupted her shortly as he pushed her down onto the couch.

The woman’s eyes widened in surprise as she fell into the large sofa. She tried to pull herself up at first, but her efforts were thwarted by the man’s strong grip on her left ankle, lifting her leg up. He stared down at her figure as he kissed her ankle, then trailed his affections down her leg. Though she tried not to give in, his other hand held her opposite leg down and his body lowered. His lips reached her inner thigh and he let out a deep, hungry growl-like sound as the scent of her excitement filled his nostrils.

For a moment, their eyes locked and she felt her excitement spark her rebellious side. Her hands quickly traveled to her womanhood, pushing her short dress down to cover herself from his eyes or affections, “You’ll have to earn th—”

“I said, shut up,” the man cut her off once more.

Before she could argue with him, his arms slipped under her knees and his hands yanked her wrists away to her sides. He pulled her closer, and her eyes fluttered when she felt his warm, moist tongue press against the black lace that shielded her womanhood from view.

Autumn was not at all used to this. She was a woman of status; the daughter of the Head Saint of Santificado. Any time she had a partner, they respected her position, they served her for her. Lucius was not doing this for her, though. He was turning her into his meal, she was just a treat for him, “N-no! You have to earn it!” She argued as she tried to wiggle her body away from him. During her struggles, she heard a tearing sound, and her eyes widened. The man had ruined her favorite panties. She couldn’t believe the audacity this man had. How could he do something like that?

“No… fuck,” the woman let out through a moan when she felt the reason he had torn her panties with his mouth. Her wetness was exposed to the man now, and his tongue had wasted no time exploring her tight folds. One of her legs wrapped around his head and she began to grind her hips into his face, now holding his wrists in return, digging her nails into his flesh.

Lucius let out a hungry groan as his tongue plunged into the depths of her womanhood, taking in the sweet, salty flavor of his half-sister. Of course, she had no idea, and that was exciting the man even more. He knew all about who she was, and the wicked satisfaction of ravaging his hated father’s treasured flower was spurring him on even more.

Autumn’s hips bucked when Lucius’ tongue found the hooded bundle of nerves just above her slit. She squealed out a cry of pleasure followed by a long, shaky moan as was forced into a sudden climax.

As the pleasure slowed, Lucius stood up, looking over the sweaty, mess of a woman that lay panting on his couch.

Autumn grinned to her unknown brother and chuckled, “Good boy,” she complimented, “I’ll sleep great after that.” She declared.

Lucius raised a brow, unbuttoning his shirt, “We’re not done, though.” He explained.

Autumn laughed lightly and sat up, watching Lucius reveal his muscular torso. She enjoyed the view but refused to acknowledge it, “No, no. You haven’t earned that yet.”

Lucius tossed his shirt aside, fully revealing a chiseled, defined figure that could fuel many wet dreams. Soon after, his belt was undone, and the woman’s eyes fixed on the v-shape just above his pants.

Suddenly, she forced herself out of her small trance and shook her head, “What are you doing, Luci—”

“Stop lying, Autumn,” Lucius ordered.

Autumn stared at the man for a moment, astounded at his tone towards her. Her stomach was in knots, but it was mostly because the man was right. She wanted him so badly, but she couldn’t let him know that; it would hurt her pride. That was a pain she couldn’t bring herself to confront. Unless, of course, she had other pain to draw her focus.

“Oh, my fuck,” the woman let out in a whisper when the man’s pants slid down to reveal the source of her new, excitement-filled fear, “That won’t fit.” She warned, fighting with a desire to prove herself wrong.

“Probably not,” Lucius coldly confirmed.

Autumn’s stare moved from his girth to his eyes in concern, “What?”

Lucius suddenly pulled the woman off the couch, turned her around, and pushed her onto her knees, back onto the sofa cushion. His strength greatly overshadowed her’s; she had no way of fighting him when he treated her like a ragdoll. She found herself gripping the back of the couch, looking back at him with fear in her eyes.

“L-Lucius, I don’t think I’m ready for this…” She complained, then smiled nervously, “Why don’t I bring some toys next time? I’ll let you train my body for you!” She pleaded.

Lucius sighed a slight growl of annoyance and lifted her dress before completely ripping her panties off, “Shut up, Autumn. A masochist like you should do just fine.” He said as he slid to of his large fingers deep into her dripping opening.

Autumn let out a deep moan as he hips instinctually pushed back against his hand. Her head dropped, and she dug her nails into the couch as his fingers pumped into her. She shook her head in rebellion and moaned out, “I’m… not… a… maso… ch-chist…”

Lucius chuckled darkly, sliding his fingers out of her slowly. She fought the urge to ask him why he was pulling his fingers out, then cried out loudly when a harsh slap met her exposed rear-end. Her eyes were widened and remained that way, her body had become rigid, and she was holding tightly to the back of the couch. A confused and scared look was plastered onto her face, hidden by her hair, but something told her that Lucius knew all too well what her expression was.

“What’s wrong, Autumn?” Lucius asked as his large hand rubbed her warm butt cheek, “Hiding something?”

“N—” She didn’t get a chance to fight it. Before she could reply, the man spanked her again, and her body reacted in a way she would never have imagined. Confusion distorted her pretty face, her throat tightened, and she did all she could to prevent the moans from coming out as her body tensed with a second orgasm.

As the pleasure of her confusing orgasm subsided, she finally let out her breath in a cough, unable to move, let alone turn to face him. Suddenly, a whimper left her throat when she felt Lucius’ hand caressing her sensitive folds. She was still feeling everything so much, she didn’t think she’d be able to take anything else at the moment, but that didn’t stop Lucius. His fingers entered her again, and she let out a shameless, low moan as her body began to almost instantly grind against his hand, “More, Daddy… I want more…” She begged.

Lucius grinned wickedly, pulling his fingers out of her again, “Good girl.” He praised her. Lucius’ wet fingers greeted Autumn’s face, and she hungrily began sucking on them, loving the taste of her juices. While she was distracted, Lucius’ other hand gripped his thick manhood and rubbed the bulbous head against her opening. She moaned in response and pushed back against him, her body aching for him now.

The woman’s eyes shut tightly, and she released a throaty moan from the delicious mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt her walls stretch out more than ever before.

Lucius let out a growled moan as her walls wrapped around his monstrous cock. Despite the intense tightness, her body seemed to be writhing around him and sucking him deeper in every time he pulled back just a little. Her insides seemed to be shifting and morphing just for him, squeezing and caressing his length lovingly and hungrily.

The moment Autumn felt Lucius enter her as far as her body could fit, she tilted her head back with a lewd smile plastered across her face and begged out for him, “Fuck me, Daddy! Please!” She cried as she pushed her hips back against him.

Lucius loved this title she had suddenly given him. The poor girl had no idea she was now referring to her brother in such a way, but she didn’t need to know. Not yet, at least. More importantly, though, how could he not oblige when she asked so nicely?

Lucius’ hands took a firm hold of her hips, and he gave her no warning beyond that. His hips began to pump his cock in and out of her without concern or remorse. The tighter her body squeezed, the harder he would thrust into her.

Her body began to rock back and forth. She tried to grind her hips along the man’s length as he ravaged her, but it just resulted in her looking like a horny animal. Lucius’ hand gripped her hair, pulling her head back so he could see the reflection of her face in the glass of his display cases. Her eyes had rolled back in her head, and her mouth hung open, letting out her moans and drool.

Her dress struggled to keep her gifted chest contained, eventually failing as her breasts flailed about from Lucius’ thrusting. In response, Lucius gathered her dress up around her waist, the sleeves keeping her wrists together now. He took hold of her wrists with one of his hands, using that grip to slam himself into her mercilessly.

Autumn had lost count of how many times her body had gushed juices around him. At this point, she reached her climax enough times that she was now merely enjoying getting treated as a sex toy for her new favorite partner.

Suddenly, she felt his thickness exit her body. She turned her head to see why, but her whole body was turned for her instead. She sat, slouched and lazily on the couch, looking up at the glorious image of this muscular man hovering over her and his cock just before her face. His head tilted back, and his hand gripped his length. She knew what this was, but she felt bad, almost. He hands moved to his thickness, unable to wrap around it completely and her lips tried what they could to wrap around his massive head.

Seed spilled forth, filling her mouth with a delicious, slimy heat. Lucius released so much sperm that her mouth couldn’t contain it all. As his orgasm slowed, Autumn smiled happily in pure satisfaction, cum dripping from the edges of her lips down her throat and coating her now-exposed breasts.

Covered and fed by his seed, the woman slid down on the couch and toyed with the cum on her breasts, scooping it up to taste it more as she cleaned herself up.

Lucius let out a sigh of satisfaction and made his way back to his desk, ignoring his now-extinguished cigar and reaching for a box of cigarettes, lighting one of the sticks up with a long drag, “Make sure you give him the details, Autumn.” He ordered as he let out a trail of smoke.

Autumn chuckled darkly, licking the last of his sperm off her fingers, “What’s your problem with my dad, anyway?”

Lucius ashed his cigarette and glanced at the blonde, “Long story. Maybe I’ll tell you another time.”

Autumn wasn’t particularly in a state of mind to push any further and only nodded in response. She watched Lucius lazily as he got dressed and made his way for the door.

“I’m heading out. Feel free to hang out at the club as long as you need. Your tab’s on the house.” He offered.

Autumn chuckled, “Mmmm… thank you, Daddy.” She cooed as he left.

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