True Shades of Darkness: Chapter 1

How was she so lucky? Sure, she was beautiful, and sought after by many men, but how could this blonde bombshell have been so fortunate to land herself a guy like the infamous Lucius Tyrus Nox? He was tall, muscular, mysterious, and so damn handsome.

A soft smile made itself apparent on the woman’s face as she looked at the calm, chiseled features of Lucius’ sleeping face. Her gaze drifted down along his body slowly, taking in every herculean detail of his exposed figure. She hadn’t even noticed that her fingertips were trailing behind her gaze. As she got to that lovely v-shape just above his noticeable gift, a soft groan left the man.

She stopped suddenly, her blue eyes snapping to the face of the man she had just stirred. She giggled slightly and leaned up to him, kissing his jawline as she spoke gently, “Good morning, gorgeous.” She greeted him, enjoying the feeling of his rough, unshaven face against her lips. As she moved to kiss his lips, his large hand was felt around her throat. At first, her eyes widened, but then she grinned, her hand trailing down his body again, “Oh… we starting up again, you insatiable stallion?”

The man’s eyes opened, locking onto her own. Those unique, purple orbs were like vibrant gemstones. That cold gaze sent chills down her spine. He was the one. He made her feel submissive, he made her shiver with fear, anticipation, and desire all at once. His words, however, didn’t fit the way she was feeling.

His voice was deep and cold, reflecting the darkness within his wicked eyes, “What the fuck are you still doing here?”

She blinked a bit, startled and confused, “Wh-what?” She asked as he pushed her back away from him and slipped out from his own bed.

“Shani!” He called out as he walked towards the balcony of his bedroom.

The blonde woman stood up, covering herself, “You’re joking right?” She asked, laughing nervously.

Lucius spoke calmly, but his words stern and deliberate, “Get out, or I’ll throw you out the balcony.”

She stood there, in shock. She wanted to respond, but something told her the man wasn’t kidding. Just then, the door of the bedroom opened up, and another woman stepped in. Her skin was a beautiful shade of mocha, mostly exposed due to the tight, cotton attire she wore that only covered the more private parts of her curvy body.

The woman sighed a bit, stretching as she walked in, “Yes, Lou?” She asked before shifting her gaze to the blonde woman, “Oh… You did not just call me in here to get rid of this thing.”

The blonde’s eyes shifted into a glare at Shani, “Excuse me?!” But she was ignored.

“Lucius, how many times do I have to tell you? Just because you gave me a job at your club, doesn’t mean that I’m your servant!” Shani complained, rolling hazel optics in annoyance as she walked over to a leather couch in the room, collected some female clothes that were left there, and tossed them at the blondes’ feet, “You’re not wanted. Grab your shit and git.” Her gaze would peer over to the blonde, a mocha hand waving the blonde off.

“Did I, or did I not give you a place to live, on top of a job?” Lucius asked as he looked out the windowed doors of his balcony, out into the rest of Sanctum.

The blonde woman caught her clothing when it was tossed at her, “Is this for real?! No wonder everyone says awful things about you, Lucius!”

Shani rolled her eyes, waving Lucius’ words away as she walked to the blonde woman, “Hey, girlie. I said, git. Either put the clothes on and go now, or he kicks you out naked.”

The blonde’s face was red with rage as she quickly dressed herself. With her shoes in hand, she stomped off, fuming.

Shani followed her until she was sure that the woman was gone, then locked the door and made her way back to Lucius, who was already in his shower. The relationship between the two was clearly quite open, as she boldly made her way into his bathroom, taking a seat on his marble sink, “A blonde again, huh? What’s up with that, lately?” She asked.

Lucius rinsed the soap that was on his face off and sighed a bit, “Fuck if I know.” He muttered in response before moving to lather his hair.

Shani rolled her eyes, leaning back a bit to look at herself in his large mirror. She teased at her curly hair, tugging the curls lightly before letting them bounce back into place, “It’s got nothing to do with whats-her-face? Wasn’t she blonde, too?” She asked, knowingly.

“Stop analyzing me, Shani.” He responded before looking over to her from behind the clear, glass shower door. His eyes trailed along her body shamelessly before he added on, “You gonna join me?”

Shani shifted her honey-colored eyes to meet the dark amethysts that were practically undressing her, “Ew, no. Especially not after you spent the night with that skanky-skank. I’ll take my shower later, thank you very much.”

Lucius sighed a bit, turning to lather his body, “You’re no fun, Shani.” He muttered.

Eventually, he rinsed himself off and stepped out of the shower, running a soft towel over his body, “What’s on the agenda today?” He asked.

Shani had spent the time he was showering preparing a few things on the sink while she sat there. She took a small jar into her hands first, unscrewing the top as he made his way to her. She began to rub the cream from the jar on his face, “Well, first we have to make sure the club is okay after the party last night, then we have to do inventory. Which means you have to do paperwork today.” She informed him.

Lucius sighed lightly as he stood before her. Once his face was covered in the cream, he stood still as she began running a straight razor along his face, shaving the freshly growing hair away clean, “Hmmm…” He let out in protest to her words.

She smirked in response, “Well. If you had done it earlier, we wouldn’t need to hurry to do it today.” She explained.

“What about the other inventory?” He asked, closing his eyes as he let her fulfill her task.

Shani sighed slightly, “Draven has been able to secure a supply in Vatic, but another group took an interest. You may have to deal with it directly.” She explained, before getting the last bit of his facial hair off of his face. She then took his towel, wiping him clean as she spoke again, “And… Listen, Lou, don’t get your hopes up, but Bianca is back.”

Lucius’ eyes snapped open at the mention of Bianca, he locked his natural glare with Shani’s concerned look, “Does she have news?”
Shani looked away for a moment, “Lucius… I sai–”

“Does. She. Have. News?” Lucius cut her off.

Shani nodded slowly, “She said she wanted to speak to you directly. She wouldn’t tell me anything.”

Lucius suddenly left the restroom, leaving Shani inside. She gripped the towel in her hand before walking out to his room, “Lucius! Please slow down!”

“Why? This is important.” He responded as he made his way to his closet, vanishing into that room.

Shani growled in frustration and rubbed at the bridge of her nose, “Dammit…” She let out in a breath before speaking up, “What if it’s bad news, Lucius? What will you do? You can’t get your hopes up.”

No response came from the closet, only the sound of rustling about.

Shani threw the towel in her hand aside and snapped out, “Lucius! What if Nor–”

“This isn’t about her!” Lucius snapped back, cutting her off. He made his way out of his closet, wearing a dark purple, silk dress shirt that was fitted perfectly to his body, and a pair of black slacks, “If Bianca found my daughter, that’s all that matters. I’ll kill Nori if she gets in my way of that.”

Shani stared at Lucius for a moment before shifting her gaze to the balcony of the room with a sigh, “If you say so…” She muttered.

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