Aries Viliatti: Age 22-32

“Aries…” A voice called out in the distance, so far and echoed that it was hard to tell who it belonged to. “Aries.” Closer, it seemed to be so far…

True Shades of Darkness: Chapter 8

The sunset came quietly to Santificado. Darkness set in quickly over the sandy slums of Vatic. The lights of Sanctum’s nightlife mimicked a distant, electric sunset behind the wall that separated the two cities. If the silence of Vatic in the night were any indication, one would assume that the slums were a serene and peaceful place.

True Shades of Darkness: Chapter 7

“So, this is the plan, then?” Veronica asked, staring down at the large paper on the table. There was a crude, blueprint-like sketch of a building on the paper with various points circled and dotted throughout the plan.

True Shades of Darkness: Chapter 6

Bianca stretched her arms out towards the sides of her bed as her green eyes fluttered open, taking her away from the dreams she was already gradually forgetting. She rolled over to her side, looking at the clock beside her bed, noting that it was already mid-afternoon, “Nox must be in Vatic by now…” She muttered to herself with a yawn.

The Nesure

Before you lies a book bound by black leather and trimmed in metallic gold. Upon the cover, a particular, golden symbol glistens proudly. Though this book is not unusually large,…

True Shades of Darkness: Chapter 5

A few hours after the discussion with Veronica, Lucius found himself sitting on a bench. Before him was a small park with a group of children playing and a few parents scattered about. He was watching a young girl in the distance who was playing with a group of much younger kids.

Amethyst in the Cave

Join Alexandria as she explores the ancient ruins in the caves of Mount Reveri.

Mystic Awakening: Chapter 5

While Aries and Kieu enjoyed their baths, things were stirring just outside of Frostbark. Not too far beyond the walls of the town, a group of spirit-worshiping cultists were convinced…