The Nesure

Before you lies a book bound by black leather and trimmed in metallic gold. Upon the cover, a particular, golden symbol glistens proudly. Though this book is not unusually large, it feels quite heavy; as if it contains more than merely the pages within. As you open the book, the scent of the journal’s age is released into the air.

The first page of the journal contains only a few lines, and the rest is found on the second page and beyond:

Memoirs of the King of Aeon
The Nesure

Not that there is any particular order to these journals, but if you’ve been reading other books before this one, then you’re probably wondering what that symbol on the cover is. Over the years, the name of the symbol has changed. Most recently, it became the Crest of the Aeon Kingdom’s Royal Family. Originally, though, that symbol was known as the Crest of the Nesure, and it was widely feared and considered a cursed marking.

You see, many years ago, an insane Hadien came from Hadie to Eitoria. His own clan banished and exiled him. He was known throughout Hadie as the Black Devil until his banishment. When he arrived in Eitoria, he was bloodthirsty and gained an awful reputation in Liundero. I’ll cover more on the Black Devil in the journal dedicated to him, but for now, all you really need to know is that when he was killed by a Havic military force, he left behind that marking; burned into the site of his defeat. Legend has it that the symbol is still there. I haven’t been there in a long time myself, so I can’t say if that’s true. It probably is.

Since that day, the symbol was considered a bad omen. Anyone who visited that site was said to be followed by a dark presence that would wreak havoc in their lives. Truthfully, though, that was probably just a dumb superstition. Eventually, a man was found in Liundero who possessed the symbol upon his chest. And now this is getting weird; I don’t know why I would refer to myself in the third person.

During my early years in Liundero, it was discovered that I had the symbol on my chest. However, it had only appeared on two occasions while I was there. The first time was during one of my hunts for a bounty head. The guy was pretty strong. Put up a good fight, and during that fight, I kind of blacked out. When I woke up, the guy was dead, and I noticed the symbol on myself. No one else was there, but the look of fear on the guy’s severed head is still clear in my memories.

The second time the symbol appeared was the time that many other people saw it. During that time I had a girlfriend. Kind of. It was complicated. Anyway, Satsuki was probably the first girl I was ever actually in love with. While we were looking into a bounty head together, she was attacked by some shitty guys in a village we had traveled to. I pretty much lost it at that time and tore them apart. At the end of it all, the villagers were watching with terrified looks on their faces. The look of Satsuki’s face still clearly haunts me to this day. Everyone in that village knew what that symbol was. Damn, that was a shitty day.

Anyway. After that, I left Liundero and moved to Santerris. If you’ve ever heard of the United Eitorian Fighting Federation, you’ve probably heard of the tournament that is held every five years. But did you know that before the Aeon Kingdom held the tournament, it was the mysterious Botan Kingdom that used to do it? King Hadi was a prick, but he knew how to host events. I ended up fighting in that tournament shortly after arriving. That was the third time the symbol appeared on my chest, and after that time, it never went away.

After winning the tournament, I got the Black Devil’s Spine as a reward, and King Hadi decided to spread rumors across the world that I was the only true destined wielder of the blade, due to having the Nesure on my chest. Yeah; fuck that guy.

Seriously, though. Did you know that King Hadi killed off his entire kingdom in some kind of twisted ritual? Yeah, that legend isn’t false, it actually happened! And he was the shittiest father in the world. Ugh. I hate him so much.

Anyway, for a few years after that, people were kind of put off by me. I became kind of famous, and bounty halls only ever wanted to kick me out or give me their most dangerous bounties. It sucked. All because of that asshole.

Over the years, I turned the symbol into my own, though. Eventually, I even learned how to perform a ritual that allowed me to place the symbol on others. Also, yes, technically Hadi taught me that ritual, but he’s still a dick.

Over time, I began to grant the symbol to others and even used it as the crest of my kingdom and family. So, as far as I’m concerned, the symbol is a marking of unity. It is not cursed, it is the symbol that ties me to the people I love, even when blood does not do so.

After the end of this page, the handwriting changes and a new title page is found.

Memoirs of the King of Napoli
The Nesure

It is quite beautiful to see how my predecessor saw this symbol. Deep down inside, I do believe that the King of Aeon was a great man; even if he was the one blamed for the fall of Eitoria near the end of his rule.

That being said, I must admit that his optimistic view of the symbol was quite biased. When the symbol appeared on my shoulder, I cannot say I was excited. I do, however, find it amusing that he and I both had it appear and made public in the same situation. By the time I participated in the federation’s tournament, Pathway was hosting it. At the time, I already had the Devil’s Spine with me. When I won the tournament with the blade at my side, the rumors of the symbol’s revival were already spreading. When I was awarded the Black Devil’s Fangs, however, things took a turn for the worst. Had I not been accompanied by Belladonna at the time, I do not believe I would have been able to handle the pressures that came with it all.

The entirety of Santerris feared me. The King of Aeon‘s actions were still bitterly recalled by many members of the Santerran community.

The Black Devil shook Liundero in massacres. The King of Aeon shook the entire world with his actions. Everyone who heard of me felt I would bring the same kind of darkness. Aeon’s King claimed the symbol was not cursed, but I strongly disagreed. Belladonna and I were forced to flee to Sharbain to avoid the negativity that came with the symbol.

That was where my opinion changed on the symbol. Tobias assuredly knocked some sense into me. Whilst he may deny it until the day he dies, Tobias is the man I owe for my life today. That man will always be seen as my brother.

I never learned the ritual to pass it along, so now, I know that this symbol will die with me. My son and grandson were born without the symbol. While I hold no lingering disdain for the symbol, I am thankful that it will fade away with me soon. They will never face the judgemental glare this symbol brings.

That being said, if you ever find that symbol upon your being, use it to reach for what you believe in. I never met the Black Devil, nor the King of Aeon, but, after the life I have led, I strongly believe that they had their reasons to do what they did. I used this symbol to liberate slaves and change the way all of Ryukona saw the practices of slavery. This symbol is, without a doubt, a marking of a change of times. Change the world for the better, even if that same world does not understand.

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